Hello Dramaland!

I finally took that decisive step, and i hope i can contribute to the Dramaland  community with my superior brain and my subtle sense of humor…

I will do my best to write entertaining material, and i hope you’ll be a lot to come by in order to relax from Real Life. Some already know me, and some not. I hope i will gain a few new virtual friends along the way!

Blogging is new for me, so i hope you will be patient… Work in progress…What i can tell is that i have a few surprises in store, so stay tuned!

Now, champagne and confetti! Welcome to Mystisith Island! It’s gonna be rock and roll! Isn’t it Park-kyu?

PS: I cracked some coconuts and poured some soju on the Dramagod’s altar. So please guys, be nice to me! Give me a LOT of (good) dramas i can dream about… The bad ones will be mystirolled…