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This drama is currently airing on MBN, Saturday and Sunday at 11pm. Genre : Romantic Comedy. 20 episodes scheduled for now.

Disclaimer :

-  I am biologically unable of staying serious when talking about dramas. If you want a serious master class, not sure you’ll be happy with me…

-  The previous work of the male lead is still haunting me, so expect random appearances of the Vampire Prosecutor Universe. You didn’t watch it? Then marathon the damn thing and comeback later…


We start this episode in a fitness club with In Tak sweating on a treadmill. Mi Mi the actress is coincidentally training here too. In Tak calls her a stalker, in addition to his endearing nickname “miss Wild Beast”. Mi Mi changes from nice talking girl to fierce adversary in a second and says she has a proof of their relationship in the past. She shows him an old photography: A woman posing with two kids, a boy and a girl.


In Tak confirms the boy is him. He remembers it because it was his first day in Primary school and his mom insisted: He had to wear ugly red clothes. Out of the blue, a fly comes to disturb the discussion. In Tak asks his secretary guy to kill it and the poor guy starts chasing the innocent bug, clapping hands and running everywhere. This is too humiliating… Our dear CEO acknowledges the identity of the girl: Hong Mi Sun. The picture is therefore authentic. Now, how did SHE find it? Mi Mi seems outraged/embarrassed but still claims it’s pretty normal since she is the owner. She tries to justify herself: Yes, she has lost her baby fat, and her face has changed but it happens to every one. This is when the secretary comes crashing in, literally landing on the table and spilling the drinks. He seems proud of himself, with his victim on his hand.

Seriously guy, quit the job. In Tak asks for a new bottle of his precious mineral water (very obvious and distractive product placement in every episode). The secretary says he doesn’t have one, and In Tak scolds him: He is in a fitness club to sweat. Of course he should have anticipated his needs! Mi Mi offers her own drink: You know… cough-vitamin-something-water-cough, but she gets rebuffed: He hates bacteria almost as much as plastic surgery. Mi Mi starts laughing and making fun of him saying he shouldn’t play the clean freak: He ate food fallen on the floor when he was a kid, with dead flies on it. Ewww. In Tak doesn’t appreciate the familiarity and gazes at her with murderous intent.


He coldly asks to see her ID, cause he is sure now she is a fraud or a swindler: He has to check her police record. If she is really innocent, then she has nothing to hide, right? In Tak spends some time on the Net to find out new informations about Mi Mi and stares at the old picture. Is it her or not? He is not so sure anymore. Plus he feels lonely and starts talking to his dog. This man needs a woman in his life, pronto. In Tak goes walking his dog, still pensive. This is where he meets Da Ran alias Desperate Girl 1. She’s not in a good mood either and talks to herself too: A swindler boyfriend and a coward father on the run, nowhere to go… In Tak decides to do something to lift up his spirit and goes for a catamaran trip (Yes! Sailboats).


He recalls the day his mom abandoned him. He was wearing a red jacket. Now, i have to confess i originally thought he used the red color thing as a trick to expose Mi Mi’s treachery. I can be more twisted than the writer sometimes… In the evening, Da Ran drowns her bitterness in soju, sitting near the pool of her hotel. She starts planning a revenge against U Suk, the bastard fiancé. From anger she throws her ring on the pool, before remembering there is a diamond attached to it. They really are not that clever in that family aren’t they? Given the guy who bought it I’m almost sure it’s a cheap imitation but who knows… Da Ran kneels down by the pool in order to locate the ring and realizes a dog is staring at her almost in her face.


It’s Tak Chi, the dalmatian. She gets startled and falls into the water. She calls for help and in her fright calls In Tak ahjussi. Girl if you need something, the magic word is oppa, even if the man is 90 years old. In Tak sees the green bottles nearby and starts shouting at her to get through her stupor: She is drowning on the side of the pool where she can actually stand up. Bwahaha, she is completely wasted… 


She extracts herself from the water like an octopus. By the way, i love octopuses: They are cute. 

Da Ran decides on lecturing him: He has no manners! He should at least ask if she’s ok since she fell because of HIS dog. He coldly ignores her and attempts leaving the crime scene and… She gets mad. She grabs him by his collar and starts a fight (!!!!!). When the jerk tackles her on the ground she calls him a pervert and decides to bite him. ?!?! Oh my God, seriously? I missed my hysterical laugh, thank you show! Woman, I hope for you he is not a fan of the “a tooth for a tooth” law, because then it could be problematic…


Whilst Da Ran is busy beating an innocent man, In Tak’s brother and the female secretary are plotting together. She shows him the selected pictures of the   “women on the verge of death but still beautiful” who could be good candidates to woo and marry the insufferable jerk rich businessman. They decide to set a secret audition to recruit the lucky finalist for the job Marry or Die!. Snerk? Snerk!


Next, Da Ran regains consciousness and discovers she’s at the hospital. She gets shocked when she hears about the medical fees, the girl has enough money issues already… After that, she wanders in the streets with her vanity case and starts considering her situation. I think this is what you call hitting rock bottom… She hesitates when passing by a police station, remembering the words of the loan sharks Big Boss. She bravely goes in anyway and starts explaining the case to the cop: Threats, kidnapping, beating. The man asks if anything else and she thinks about the scandalous video they promised to put on the web if she ever thought about divulging their little agreement. At the same time, cop colleagues are discussing the case of an actress whom the love tape has gone viral on the web: 100 000 views in less than an hour. They gave their verdict: No one can stop the fire and the girl’s life is wasted. The cop asks if Da Ran has anything else to report. Of course, she says no. He asks the name of the loan shark’s agency and she says she doesn’t know. Their address maybe? She can’t tell either since she always met them outside. Bank account? She starts panicking and replies she will find the infos but she has to go… Really, she’s in a hurry, good-bye sir…


Side comment: I just love how the writer uses that psychological pattern for Da Ran’s character. She eavesdrops conversations all the time and can’t help to think it means something for her in her own situation. She’s so full of insecurities that she sees divine messages everywhere. She’s a strange combination: Compulsive liar (to hide her rank on the social ladder) and extreme credulity. She’s socially inept or at least very bad at guessing the true colors of people. She’s also not good at seeing the big picture. She always acts on impulse and regrets later when she realizes it wasn’t such a good idea. To summarize, she’s not the kind of girl who could plan the perfect murder. I suppose not everybody can be like me…

Finally, she gets back home defeated and tries reassuring herself: At least she still has a roof over her head. She won’t sue not because she’s scared of them, but because she doesn’t want to provoke and confront them. Which sadly means exactly the same… Someone rings the bell at the door and she rushes: Maybe it’s Dad? No. ♥Stickers Men, The Return♥ I just love how they stick absolutely everything in that modest one room appartment: The old carpet, her hand bag (almost her panties)… BWAHAHA!! When you think it can’t be worst, the shit hits the fan again. It’s like a James Cameron movie and this is one of the reasons i like that drama so much: The topic could be seriously depressing but it’s done in a way that triggers hilarity because you keep asking yourself “how is it just even possible to have such a bad luck?”.


That same morning, In Tak closes the wrought iron door of his luxury villa, and summons his chauffeur but nobody answers. He shows himself in the rear-view mirror with a “come here” gesture but still no reaction. He has no clue on what’s going on since the limo has tinted windows so he puts his hands around his face trying to see something (with all the mandatory grimaces). And this is where a classy CEO loses all appeal for me… Give me one of those sexy hand to mouth pose please.


When he finally cracks and knocks violently on the window, the chauffeur gets startled and opens the door… which bumps against In Tak’s nose. Yeah! Blood! This is for you Maddino ! Consequence: You’re fired! The female secretary tries to make him change his mind saying at least he is not sly or a threat like the previous one but In Tak won’t listen to her. Truth is, he didn’t agree with her on anything until now… Why does he keep her? The discussion ends with her doing her best aegyo face while he does the little boy pointing at his aching nose. Aww, they are so cute… Can i put them in my pocket please?


In Tak has to bear a routine check up for his nose and starts complaining again about his messy life. Food, transport, clothing and housing: Nothing works as he wishes! The she – secretary tells him to endure just a few more days: A special personal secretary will be soon affected to him. Am i wrong if i suppose it’s “a woman on the verge of death but still beautiful”? Still she adds there is not a lot of candidates since the salary is too low and the conditions not exciting. He replies she just has to triple the salary. “Then she would be paid more than me??”. Ha! Vexed or interested in the game? He says no problem: She can take the post for herself if she wants it… Side note: I finally got to understand who’s that -she- secretary. She is the Department Head Ha and does a temporary good deed by helping him as an assistant. In Tak suddenly winces in pain and cover his eyes with his handkerchief because of the blood sample. Big baby can’t stand the sight of blood… Bwahaha! Must be that selective amnesia hitting again. Allow me to refresh your memory:

The male secretary is called to In Tak’s office and is completely panicked. He desperately tries to learn something about In Tak’s medical condition and clings to the leg of DH Ha for dear life. Exasperated, she decides to throw him a bone: “He needs to replenish his blood because he lost a lot…” Writer, stop with the vampy jokes please, it’s my job! 


Secretary guy arrives into In Tak’s office with a present: Raw bird’s liver on a plate. Ewwww: Mankind has learned how to cook you know. He explains it’s good to increase the blood iron level. Ha! You’re just trying to save your blood, no… head?, geez! Your job! That’s what i wanted to say… In Tak sinks his fangs… into an apple.   He doesn’t lose time and goes back to business. He asks if he knows Hong Mi Mi, the legendary “Wild Beast Woman” actress. He wants a complete investigation on her: Past, Present and Future. He corrects himself saying future doesn’t matter: They don’t have one in common anyway. *Me whistling innocently* . Da Ran on her side is still crying over herself: Now, even the house is gone. Could the seizure red stickers be the “red flags” of the prophecy described by the medium? She just should have drowned in that pool the other day… But then, a sweet comforting voice can be heard next to her:

“Your body and life are very precious to me… Please don’t say that!” 


It’s the loan shark boss with his team coming for the news. BWAHAHAHA… He takes advantage of the present case to teach his team properly: When clients lose their home, this is when they try to escape and disappear without leaving a trace. Since she has no money and no land, he suggests maybe she could use her body to repay him? He says “Baby” at the end of all his sentences, and THAT is really creepy… Of course she replies that she’d prefer killing herself. Well, asked so nicely… She ends up hung upside down on the balcony, begging for mercy and crying, while the cute loan shark is laughing his head off. Pfft. You got lucky to be cute, or else…

Back to her room: Big boss declares she is now cured from her suicidal tendencies. Da Ran listens to him like an obedient child. It’s funny because it’s really like a private interview between a benevolent master and a guilty disciple pledging “i will never do it again…”. She says she understands now and she will find a way to return the money to him. Pats her head, good girl! If that show wants for loan sharks to be cute and furthermore psychotherapists… 

“Can i pay you in installments for 30 years?”. 

BWAHAHA… I knew it wouldn’t last but still, you’re forcing your luck. The boss asks if she is kidding and she says no.

“Please, be merciful. Would you do that to your daughter?”

“I don’t have one”. Never say never my friend, it’s a K drama…               

“A mother, a sister maybe?”.

“No. I’m an orphan. And I’m not married either if that’s your next question.”

“A girlfriend?”

” Dammit, stop rubbing some salt in my wounds!”  

BWAHAHAHA… They keep arguing like kids competing for the title of “who has the Most Tragic Life”. Why do i want to hug that guy every time he appears on my screen? Come here ahjussi… Anyway, our heroine has now gone through The Five Stages of Grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) and is ready to hear about any form of solution coming her way. Daddy loan shark says maybe he found the perfect opportunity for both of them. “Do you want to give it a try?” I love rhetoric questions… 


We now see a gloomy corridor full of young women waiting in line. All the candidates are here for the incredible secret job recruitment interview. They seem scared and nervous and maybe claustrophobic: The interview takes place in a basement, 20 meters below ground (think NK spy and torture questioning). Da Ran takes advantage of the situation AND the leadership in the group: We are talking about a job paid 100 millions: It can mean only one thing. You will have to be enduring and prepare yourself for the worst. Maybe body experiments like cutting your stomach and extracting your organs while you’re still conscious. Spooky… and Bon Appétit! But at the same time i must say i’m proud of my girl. What a classy way to get rid of your rivals… To discourage the tougher ones she adds that they could also end being sold to perverts as sexual slaves. She gives details using a low narrator voice and it’s totally hilarious to see the poor women terrorized. 


*Light bulb moment*: She surely prepared the interview with daddy loan shark as a coach. Who could be more qualified to teach you intimidation and mind control?

We finally get to see the face to face interviews (face to one-way mirror actually) and each woman plays her card: One brave girl tries channelling Sharon Stone crossing-uncrossing her legs… All the others ask for the emergency exit or start crying buckets, or pretend to be sick to sabotage their own interview. Apparently being heavily insulted and being ordered 24/7 is unbearable to many people… Damn, I would kill to get that job if i were them: It’s vampy! Don’t pay attention reader… Just a bit of fangirling… Behind the window, Mrs Ha and scheming brother become impatient and desperate too. At this rate they won’t find anyone suited for the task… Enters the savior of the day, big smile on her face and confidence oozing from every pore: Yun Da Ran, applicant #11.


She reaffirms her natural qualities: Physical endurance, tough mind, cruelty (really subber??), responsibility, optimistic nature… Surely she can  deal with a lot of crying and sacrifice for such a pay-check. Her final word: “Bring it on!”

Feel free to steal some of her lines for your own job interviews cause it’s effectively impressive. The judgement falls: Hired!

Later that day, Da Ran meets a friend of her and tells the all tale of her recent misadventures. She asks to stay at her place since she doesn’t have a home anymore. When the friend asks how can she be in such a good mood after so many hardships, she says it’s because her motto in life is: Dream High! My motto is: Everything that goes up must come down… She knows the job could be Hell. “But there is also that tiny 0.001% possibility that it will be better. Maybe it’s like in fairy tales: The boss could be a shy Prince Charming who never fell in love before and waits for the perfect bride to melt his heart.”


Desperate Girl 1 falls asleep dreaming of a possible bright future…

To be continued…


Comments: I definitely enjoy doing some Fantasy Crossover WTF Recapping Reviewing ™. I love fairy tales and i love people who wear pink glasses in real life. I love the all package in that drama: Family arch story and funny comedic scenes. I also love Yun Joong-hun but here that’s a given: I started commenting at dramabeans because of him in Vampire Prosecutor (i can’t wait for season 2 by the way!). I’m just happy to send back some love to him here. I hope my enthusiasm is contagious for the readers. One thing to know about me: Clever and funny dialogues are like yummy food. I mean literally: When i enjoy the show i can forget to eat which is saying quite something. This drama is really more than what you could expect at first sight… And this is how you end up splitting the recap of an episode in 2 parts when you promised earlier you would do shorter posts. I’m overwhelmed…

A rant: This drama has been poorly and badly promoted. First, they could have found a better title, at least in English. Something catchy and funny like “Money Love” or “Marry or Die!”. Second, take a look at that official poster:

… UGLYFUL to the max! In French i would say abomiffreux (abominable+affreux).

I certainly prefer the second one: Dark, sexy and mysterious… Rawr!

With those last words of wisdom, let me abandon you: The second part won’t recap herself on her own… And i must keep the pace if ever, by miracle, eng subs would appear for episode 3. See you everyone! And don’t forget to comment…