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This drama is currently airing on MBN, Saturday and Sunday at 11pm. Genre : Romantic Comedy. 20 episodes.

Disclaimer :

-  I am biologically unable of staying serious when talking about dramas. If you want a serious master class, not sure you’ll be happy with me…

-  The previous work of the male lead is still haunting me, so expect random appearances of the Vampire Prosecutor Universe. You didn’t watch it? Then marathon the damn thing and comeback later…

Here we go with the second part of the recap for episode 2. Maybe the last for now: I could invent the dialogues and all but i think it’s already crazy enough. Savor it while sipping your favorite drink… And just for you, big screencaps.

In her sleep Da Ran may dream of Prince Charming but for now the reality is a bit different. In Tak scolds his cook for the mistake about his breakfast and tears the menu apart. Man, just take a f*****g glass of “True Blood” in the fridge and leave her be! Of course, DH Ha as a superior gets her share of grumblings.

She quickly changes the topic of the conversation and says she has good news for him: The results for his medical check-up have arrived and they are good. It’s even a bit strange because according to them he has the body of a teenager, not the one of a 34 years old man. I know you’re waiting for something reader but no, i won’t comment on this. Watch the pictures instead.

I just love the way he says it must be a miracle since his staff is so incompetent. So charming… She defends herself saying everyone is overworked in the company and specially her with her two jobs in one. He replies it’s her fault: He keeps asking for a personal secretary but nothings happens. “You just fill in your purse with my money”. Wow! Department Head Ha blows her top saying she worked diligently for seven years without even a “thank you” or a “well done”. Realizing he went a bit overboard, he saves face saying she shouldn’t get angry: It’s bad for your skin and you age faster. That said, no more extra special salary until personal assistant arrives. One of those Monday mornings i suppose.

At home, Da Ran is not so picky for her own breakfast. She eats like a bear to get strength because she will have to live in hell from now on. Her roommate: “You said you were going to have good meals with your fairy tale prince.” No, i won’t comment on this either… The roommate/friend/lodger beats around the bush and finally speaks out her mind: Food is expensive and she’s not a millionaire. Da Ran reassures her and says she will participate in the living costs once she got her salary.

Da Ran leaves the house unhappy, moaning than even friends ask for money when you come to them for help. Welcome to real life. We discover than Da Ran’s Dumb Daddy is spying and tailing her. In fact he checks to see if she’s alright by herself and seems sorry for the all situation. He talks to himself: She just has to endure a little bit longer. He will catch the swindlers that put them in that misery.


 In need of cash, Da Ran decides to sell her engagement ring. Guess what happens: Yep, the diamond is not one and the certificate is a fake too. She must be the only one surprised on all planet earth… This time she throws it for good in the street, swearing she will get revenge for that insulting… insult.


At work, In Tak listens carefully to Guk-beom, his secretary guy. This one gives him a Powerpoint report on Hong Mi-sun alias Mi Mi, the lost sister become actress. She married a wealthy guy, divorced 7 months later and remarried an entrepreneur who spent her all fortune. And she divorced again, getting no alimony. Actual status: Single and desperately in need of good parts to play. Guk-beom gets scolded again because all those infos are not fresh: This is what you find on the Net when you search for ten minutes. In Tak asks if there is a possibility of identity theft. Secretary says “almost” none, and is asked to check out again. In Tak’s hand-phone rings and he is surprised by the caller: “The girl who fell in the pool on Jeju island” aka Da Ran.


Da Ran is waiting anxiously in a coffee house, using the rose of the table to play the game of -he will come- he will not-. When In Tak appears she bravely hands him the bill of the hospital, asking for compensation. Her: It’s his fault. Him: She was heavily drunk, so what? Her: She was beaten to death by him. Him: You seem very alive to me. How are you supposed to win against someone who’s a master of word war and rhetoric? In Tak sticks to his guns with a big NO WAY written all over his face, so Da Ran starts bargaining: If he accepts to pay half the amount she won’t ask for emotional distress cost. To close the case In Tak places a few (big) banknotes on the table and Da Ran’s face instantly brightens. She starts babbling like a crazy woman: Must be her lucky day since he is so generous. After all, if he didn’t live in Seoul but in Jeju they wouldn’t have met today and she couldn’t ask him for money and… Oups! She just should shut her mouth… In Tak starts smiling to himself, pleased to see than once again he guessed right: She’s a beggar that would use any way or situation to extort money from others, and he hates those kind of people the most. His exact words are: “Greedy people are like poop. When I see them I want to puke. I walk around and give the charity to get rid of them.” After those kind words he leaves the table and walks his way to the elevator. Da Ran prevents the door from closing with her hand and gives him a polite belated Thank You for his charity. If he thought she would throw the money away to save her pride then he did a big mistake. One more thing: What SHE hates the most is people who behave like “nouveaux riches”. “They have no talent and no education and spend their days scattering money around to show their wealth. Because in the end it’s the only thing they have. So maybe they are more despicable and dirty than beggars.” To make things clear, she gives him the finger plus a loud f**k you! I’m shocked! Wait… I shouldn’t: The junior female in Vampire Prosecutor did the same thing to him.

Now, problem: When she turns to leave, her heel appears to be stuck in the fence and she can’t free herself. In Tak “helps” her by kicking her shoe without manners and gives her the most infuriating victory grin i have ever seen.

Nothing as relationships that start on good basis… Da Ran finds herself with a broken heel, 300 000 wons and an injured pride. Not bad according to her. Her phone rings and she got an even better news: She’s hired for the special secret job and needs to go to the HQ to discuss the details. She gets received by the scheming hyung of In Tak who loses no time. The job is: Marry the Boss or die. Of course, the husband to be is strongly opposed to the idea and this is what explains the big salary. She declares the job ridiculous.


“The all situation is ridiculous! This is why we had to organize a ridiculous audition! And this is why in the end we hired someone as ridiculous as you!” BWAHAHASaid that way… The all case is depressing truth to be told and hyung asks bluntly if she can do it or no. She takes some time to ponder the question: She readied herself for humiliation and hard work, not for marrying an unwilling man. I would say it’s almost the same thing, honey… She also was just dumped by her boyfriend and is not confident in her seducing skills anymore…

“Would you do it for 100 millions?”

“I will do it. I can seduce him!”

“1 billion?”

“I will give my best! I won’t fail!”

“100 billions?”

“Aishhh… Ahjussi! Stop joking with me!”

“OK. I was just getting bored and needed to have some fun, that’s all…”

BWAHAHAHA… This guy definitely needs to get out of his underground bunker and breath some fresh air.

Final deal is: 100 millions now and 100 millions after the wedding. The deadline is 6 months from now. If she fails she will have to give back every cent. To help her with her task she will be assigned as his Personal Secretary. Da Ran ears the violins and sees petals falling from the sky while a halo of light crowns her head. Later that day, a proud Da Ran pays a visit to Master Loan Shark with a suitcase to pay back her debts. He is impressed and licks his lips of course.


She didn’t even register the words “hateful”, “selfish” and “intolerant” pronounced by the hyung. To illustrate the statements, we see In Tak assaulting Guk-beom in the elevator, just because he dared wearing the same tie than him. He almost undresses the poor secretary on the spot. Good thing i know you’re straight… 

In his office, In Tak is busy building a scale landscape model. What’s his job exactly? Cause i never see him “working” you know. I want a job like that… He doesn’t pay attention to Guk-beom who comes to confirm than Mi Mi is Mi Sun without any doubt left: He has a witness who can testify. All her relatives live in the US (father and brothers), except one person: Her aunt. In Tak asks if they talk to each other and Guk-beom says he can’t confirm that because that aunt disappeared from the radars in 1998 and no one knows if she’s dead or alive these days. In Tak seems troubled by the news but we soon learn than what annoys him presently is DH Ha’s situation: She asked to leave her post recently without reason while she never missed a single day of work in 7 years. He finds that suspicious. I could tell she’s scheming behind your back and training your future wife but suddenly the drama would get less interesting… In Tak asks if maybe he has an idea on what’s going on, and when the secretary doesn’t answer he just dismisses him.

Camp Hell: Da Ran discovers than Miss Ha is her supervisor. The meeting between the two women is formal and quite icy. Ha does a quick evaluation of Da Ran: Clothes = Old fashioned. Skin in pitiful state. Weak body. Da Ran asks if the man who interviewed her the other day was a lawyer. Ha says he was one a long time ago but he cheated on his clients and lost his license. Yeah! Another swindler! Miss Ha asks if she can drive and when Da Ran says yes she seems satisfied: This way she will be his personal driver in addition to the secretary job. More credentials = More time spent together. And time is money. She gives Da Ran her training schedule (fashion, make-up, fitness, sessions to correct her hunchback problem… All with renowned coaches).

Then she begins asking about… uh… private matters: Does she smell if she doesn’t use deodorant? Does she shave her armpits? Am i allowed to die of shame on their behalf? 


Poor Da Ran is good for a permanent hair removal and… some screaming to relieve the pain. She gets rewarded with a manicure session (i would need that too…) only to suffer more with some treadmill sessions. I checked: No bomb inside… Comes the most sensitive point: Car driving. Safety is the rule number one. In Tak is unhealthily attached to his life. ?? I must have the same affliction… Next: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Hehehe… I think by now you all know where we are heading… I suggest collarless shirts for the small hungers. Here, one pic for the road: 

“Who’s coming for dinner?”

Sadly for us, this is not what miss Ha had in head and we must attend cooking lessons. Paëlla! Miam! Wait a minute: I didn’t come here for food porn… Let’s not mix everything please!

We end up with Da Ran asking miss Ha how many secretaries worked for the boss. Answer is: 25 in 7 years. So many! Why? Did he treat them as “consumables”? She adds than the best one held on 1 year and 7 months. But she shouldn’t be scared: “It’s not like he’s going to chop you and eat you up, right?…” Am i supposed to answer that or is this another rhetorical question? Miss Ha adds than he always take his lunches outside but because his mouth is lethal he has to switch restaurants frequently. BWAHAHAHA…I swear it’s the subs! Not me! And now i want to see HotBar! I want to see my favorite Vampy bartender now! Here!

Miss Ha keeps giving her food recommendations and it gets completely hysterical, at least for me: “He only eats organic food”. !!!!!!! You bet!  Should she ask to get certified? My abs… She ends up with those final words: Never lie because he holds grudges. Well, she’s just here as the pawn of a massive conspiration in order to seduce him for a ton of money and without any feeling. I don’t see where is the problem…  

The episode ends with Da Ran bumping into a car for her first day of work. The driver getting out of the other car is… The mysterious ahjussi who contacted Mi Mi the actress in the first episode. Coincidence or not? Hint: It’s a K drama.

Preview episode 3:

- Da Ran refuses to confess her mistake about the accident when obviously In Tak is aware of the truth *finger taping the table and murderous look*.

- Mi Mi could be a fraud. Or at least her past is quite blurry. *police station*.

Comments: I sincerely believe this show has 2 solid first episodes to establish the In TakVerse. To summarize: He is caught in a web of lies and he is the only one who speaks the truth anywhere anytime. Those intro episodes are light and funny but we can tell it’s not going to last in the next ones. Not with the same intensity anyway.  The stakes are high for everyone involved and below the comedic topping we can guess there is some angst and painful memories waiting to surface: After all we still have to see Da Ran’s eyes wide opened when she will discover than her boss is the jerk of the pool. And vice versa… If the subs are coming my way, i will be happy to continue recapping this show. If no subs, i will still be happy having shared my viewing experience with this show to my readers. This were my first recaps ever and no one forgets his first times, right? Warning: I can only promise 1 episode recapped per week, since other promising shows will start soon and i want to recap one of them.

I leave you there and wish you a happy next week. Thanks readers!