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Here we go with the second installment of quick reviews. My take on dramas i have watched before opening this blog, this time with titles starting with “B”. All mixed up. Maybe this will help a few readers picking their new crack. And avoiding a few shipwrecks: I remind you we are on a little island here, no trains ^^.

Baby-faced Beauty:

One of those cute rom-coms with an -older female/younger male- couple. I LOVE that premise. It never gets old for me. Ha! The all fashion workplace is just a pretext to put together those two magnets. I still find it’s one of the most endearing and hilarious dramas: The multiple fan MV’s relayed that very well. Here is one for the road, just to brighten your bad day.

*SPOILERS of course*

Credits to Svetusikls4: The best MV maker of all times. Had to say it.

This show made me discover Daniel Choi, Ryu Jin and Jang Na-ra (and made me a fan of them). Plus Kim Mi-kyung! Don’t know who it is? I bet the keys of my island you do: She’s one of those incredible ahjumma actresses (look at the length of her filmo!). My favorite character of hers: The bossy clever village chief in Tamra, the Island (strangely renamed Tempted Again in most databases).

Bachelor Vegetable Store:

*Sighs, grumbles and tears*. The story is a total mess, with the crazier psycho mom of all times. It could have been so awesome: *The boys working in the fields filmed in slow-mo, their abs glistening with veggie oil, a halo of light behind them*. Well, I decided to redo the all thing in my head with what works in this drama: The bromance part with the Veggie Boys and the Nothing to Success arch story (How to start a business 101). Poor Ji Chang-wook endured hell for this: Hypothermia for a stupid shirtless scene in midwinter (i love fan service but my priority is the actors health. Just to be clear), and a car crash on the last days of shooting. I have to say it: I love both main actors but they had absolutely no romantic chemistry whatsoever. On the other side i would have bought them being siblings: So strange. I will also remember the Veggie store itself (a kind of old English green house, so pretty), the cute customized truck, and Idol Daddy. All in all, not that bad.

Idol Daddy seeing his newborn for the first time: Why so cute? I hope this drama has started a trend. With “I do, I do” on the way, maybe my wish will come true.

I almost forgot! Another wonderful Rival Bad Guy impersonator that i want to save from karma’s claws: Kim Young-kwang.

Bad Couple:

I know a lot of people like this drama but i don’t. I dropped after episode 2 or 3, don’t remember. The story of a woman who wants to be impregnated by a Top Class stud and chooses a cold renowned botanist as her target. I love the premise but i guess the leads lacked charisma.


Ok. Now this is why i LOVE J doramas. They do wonderful workplace dramas, and this one like most of them is a live version of a manga. It’s fast paced (only 8 episodes). I learned a lot about French alcohols, cocktail recipes and customers psychology. The male lead is surprisingly convincing for a singer (Aiba Masaki, member of the famous Arashi group). Just a touch of romance, like the cherry in your glass. One shot.

Before and After, Plastic Surgery:

No. You’re not dreaming: The tall guy staring at you is Lee Jin-wook, aka comrade Ryu in Spy Myung Wol. Who’s also the future male lead of I Need Romance 2. The story is not super coherent but the cases are interesting: To summarize, customers of that Private PS clinic need a Psychiatrist before needing a PS surgeon. Dr Silberman, i have patients for you. Or Dr Deeno if the first one is not available. Another short drama (12 episodes) with a light tone: If you come to see a Korean Nip/Tuck you’ll be disappointed.

Billie Jean, Look at Me:

Now, this is a special case. I call it the ghost drama: I WANT to watch it but it is nowhere to be found. Ep 1 part 3 here, ep 12 part 5 there. Is it a dismembered drama. Maybe because the name contains the title of one of the most famous songs of all time? (PS: I miss you MJ). It’s a pity because i love Lee Ji-hoon: I spotted him as a cute stalker in New Heart but didn’t see him in anything else since. I loved the first episodes and i want to see the rest! S.O.S!!!

Birdie Buddy:

One of the first tvN dramas i watched and i loved it, except DLTE (Didn’t Like The Ending). The show suffered production problems, no one believing in its success.Totally underrated: Uee was a revelation for me and confirmed after that with the Ojakgyo Brothers saga. Lee Yong-woo is the teacher of dreams, even with that unbelievable rasta haircut. I saw him recently in Twelve men in a Year and found he was totally underused. With this show I even started getting interested in golf which i believed is the most snob and boring sport ever. I know, prejudices are wrong. It’s beautifully filmed and there is some suspense. A bit of melo, a bit of funny. And even Harleys! Plus i really love the OST: Catchy!



Boy and Girl (aka Yellow Ribbon Love and at least 10 other titles):

Your (low) average TW drama: A cross dressing girl story in a man’s world. They really have to stop this, cause as much as i love this trope, they are recycling it at nauseum these days (Ti amo Chocolate: I’m looking at you). One truth has to be said: If you want to use that theme you have to match Hana Kimi or You’re Beautiful level. Or just don’t do it. Overdose of un-charismatic male lead + doomed puppy second male lead + noble idiocy = Fast Forwarding.

Boys Before Flowers:

Should i really introduce that one? Surely one of the first K dramas everyone sees. And i still don’t know why. I’m going to have a lot of enemies with that one but eh, I said i would be honest and i’m not going to start lying today. Fasten your seatbelt:

The drama is awful(ly) entertaining. I can’t stand Lee Min-ho nor Gu Hye-sun acting. Period. Sorry for their fans. Those who disagree are free to leave my blog at this point. I finished this sucker only for Kim Bum and Kim Hyun-joong. And i still love them today. The Japanese Hana Yori Dango version of the F4 (2 seasons and the movie) is so much better…

Boys Este:

I started watching this one because of the cast: Saito Takumi (awesome in Boys Love. Caution: adult movie) and Ikeuchi Hiroyuki whom i met in the great martial arts movie Ip Man (he played a karate fighter in it and blew me away cause apparently he never practiced it before the movie). The premise had me a bit uncomfortable: Masseurs who look like hosts handling thighs and trying to coach over-weighted girls with self-esteem (and love life) issues. So awkward and tricky (disguised male prostitution and all). Surprisingly, the tone is light and funny and we discover than even guys have their little problems… I won’t say i didn’t hide my face in my hands a few times, but it’s surely because i’m not confident myself with my own physique. In that aspect, i suppose this dorama was a sort of therapy. Enjoyable and enlightening ride!


Watched it till the end, Fast Forwarding a LOT. Just had to know if that selfish jerk Doc would choose his career or his girl. Didn’t get the hype at all. Didn’t like the male lead (overacting) and had furious second male lead syndrome. Bubble gum kiss was not sexy for me. The girl was a doormat. And we even had to endure Lee Sung Min as a slimy bastard again (like in Pasta): I’d rather have him as a nice funny king if you don’t mind. Thanks. The medical part was non interesting. Where is that amnesia when i need it: Want to forget that one.

Bull Doctor:

A little forensics drama, not the best of the bunch. Interesting mainly if you want to see what a cold female Dr House looks like. I mainly remember it for my first Japanese ahjussi crush: Inagaki Goro. (One special mention in my blog for who knows the J word for ahjussi.) He was so delightfully hateful in Hungry! A Japanese jerk!

Bull Fighting:

And another TW catchy opening to end this review.

Credits to Naruto4405.

A drama having for topic street basket-ball? Yep. With sweaty guys and murderous glances galore? Yep. It’s your classical cheesy love triangle, totally regressive and corny, BUT: MIKE HE!!!!

You still don’t get it? Let me repeat: MIKE HE!!!!

Ok, i’ m going to calm down a bit… But MIKE HEEEEEE!!!!.

That’s it for today! You can now resume your normal activities. See you everyone!