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 Genre : Romantic Comedy. 20 episodes. Finished airing.

Disclaimer :

-  I am biologically unable of staying serious when talking about dramas. If you want a serious master class, not sure you’ll be happy with me…

-  The previous work of the male lead is still haunting me, so expect random appearances of the Vampire Prosecutor Universe. You didn’t watch it? Then marathon the damn thing and comeback later…


Present episode starts with a flash-back: Bumpers on the ground. Da Ran and mysterious ahjussi are bargaining in the car park: Who’s responsible for the car accident and who’s going to pay what. Da Ran is utterly embarrassed because of husband target fussy boss and asks ahjussi to wait for the repairs until they both return to Seoul: She knows someone who does a good job and for free. Dear readers, what do you think is the biggest lie in that sentence? “Good job” or “for free”? I would go for both… Everyone lies! I LOVE this drama! :)

Ahjussi finally yields to the pleading of the woman in distress and asks for her phone number. Da Ran is happy with the unexpectedly good outcome and blesses the man. She gives him her card and the one of the auto mechanic. Her conclusion on the incident: Good looking = Nice personality. Sure! Here: A sweet handsome guy just for you…


Ooops… Sorry, wrong file. Here: A real nice guy:

That same morning, DH Ha and In Tak prepare themselves for a business meeting with the AMB Hotel executives. Ha is stressing like crazy because he didn’t rehearse his speech. In Tak is him completely cold-blooded. Normal for a vampire. He tells her than the meeting schedule is a mess because of her precisely since she disappeared for 2 entire weeks, God knows where. He even lost his ideal body weight thanks to those stressful conditions. 


Funny how masters remember their slaves with fondness once they are not here anymore… Ha tries ending the conversation with the excuse “personal matters to take care of” but In Tak of course has too much fun scolding her and asks if maybe she is dating someone. My reply for the record: “It’s not your f*****g business boss, yo!”

In Tak: Well, you should. You start smelling like a spinster.

Me after checking the Urban dictionary: -00- !!!! I need a frying pan NOW: Female solidarity.

Once In Tak has left the room Miss Ha gives a warning phone call to Da Ran: The boss is in foul mood and will be difficult to deal with today, she will need a lot of self-control. Poor Miss Ha is shaking in rage while she is speaking and adds she can’t take it anymore. Here, a hug for you… With the next scene we finally get to know the mysterious ahjussi a little bit more. He has a conspirator’s rendezvous with Mi Mi at a new trendy Bar opening in town. Is he the manager of the place? An interior decorator? The owner calls him oppa and that’s all we will know for now.

Mi Mi tells ahjussi he seems quite busy these days and he replies coldly she has no time to lose either since she’s divorced and broke. I love straightforward jerks… He asks Mi Mi if she stayed in touch with In Tak and she says no, not even a phone call since their last meeting. Ahjussi doesn’t look worried and reassures her: In Tak needs time to investigate properly on her. He will contact her when he is sure she’s not a swindler pretending to be his cousin. And if he doesn’t do that… Well, then she will have to insist. She tells him it’s not that simple to stick to this guy since the man is quite challenged in his head (paranoia and germs freak thingy). Surprisingly he gives her a lecture: She shouldn’t judge people hastily, especially when they are family. WHO.IS.THAT.GUY? A therapist who brings back families together? A guru or what?


AMB Hotel meeting: The Director laments on the fact that they are labelled only 4 Stars and not 5. This is why they can’t attract famous foreigners to endorse them. In Tak listens while working on one of his fetish model trees. He asks the Director if maybe he is ashamed of their 4 Stars status.

“Are you the kind of man who flatters the masters and thinks like a slave? You just showed us you’re a looser. I’m disappointed”. 


Mi Mi decides for some action. She arrives unannounced at the AMB head office and asks to see Ma In Tak, the chairman. She gets politely rejected and plays her VVIP card: She is Hong Mi-sun, the famous actress. The receptionist acknowledges with a faint smile than she is famous indeed, but not THAT famous. Mi Mi has a bitter laugh and you can see she’s controlling her rage too. Exasperated Mi Mi declares she is at least good enough to stay on a better hotel than this one. Touché. The situation is blocked but hopefully for Mi Mi, the goofy secretary passes by and overhears the conversation. He jumps in and starts praising her and softening the atmosphere. 

Back to the AMB meeting: One of the executives addresses the case of a renowned Japanese musician suffering from misophobia (the In Tak familiar phobia of germs). The man has a concert scheduled in Seoul next month but hasn’t decided yet on where he wants to reside. In Tak asks if the musician is THAT famous. Like Handel? Karajan? Girl’s Generation? No, he isn’t. Yet. “So he is at the same level as Hong Mi-Mi”… In Tak starts pondering the question but is interrupted by the receptionist. Guess who’s just here making a fuss to see the boss?

Guk-beom and Mi Mi drink their tea and wait patiently for the end of the meeting. Guk-beom is excited and starts spilling the beans: In Tak is very interested in her and asked him to check everything. He gives all the details and Mi Mi’s smile gets bigger as each second passes by. Dude, i will never confide my little secrets to you. I guess there wasn’t a confidentiality clause in your contract.  In Tak asks for Mi Mi to join him in the conference room before all the execs. His idea is that a worthy person doesn’t lose value because of where he/she resides, but a modest place can build its reputation thanks to a VIP. It’s basic marketing. In Tak starts telling a little story about his father who had so many “friends” when he was worthy and influential but still ended alone: Not even ten persons attended his funeral service despite the fact he had helped so many of them for their career, and even for personal matters. Strangely, all those people knew very well how to find him when he became “Midas Tak”. Just because he had made some money and because people are opportunistic vultures. Sad but true: Money doesn’t buy friendship or love. Everyone in the room hang their heads except Mi Mi who acts outraged with tears in her eyes. In Tak cuts her short. In Prosecutor mode he is indeed scary and intimidating…

“Why did you appear in front of me now? You could have done it before. You had 20 years to do so. Why now precisely?” 

Mi Mi starts losing her composure: “Because i just found out the truth recently…”.

“Your parents live in the US. How did you find out about me?”

Mi Mi can’t find an acceptable answer, so In Tak does it for her:

“You did it by contacting my staff and the people here. All of you here: Memorize her face well. If that woman tries again to get closer to you by using my name, just show her the door! She is just an outdated actress in need for money, no more no less.”  

Mi Mi is mortified. But there is more:

“Since that hotel looks so low-class to all of you and with bad financial perspectives on top of that, i have to protect the capital of AMB: Consequently, salaries will be cut by 10% starting from next month.” 

Execs: Crash and burn.

For Da Ran, things go smoothly. She comes back from her intensive coaching session for a Perfect Wife. Her landlady/friend is astonished by the transformation: Money has the power to change a person for sure! Da Ran asks her to keep the secret about the future chaebol husband and generously gives an extra for the rent. Already buying silence with bribes? Girl learns fast! Da Ran goes to meet In Tak’s hyung, the brain of the wedding plot. (The poor souls who are watching Fashion King will recognize Jae-hyuk’s father. Not sure i would describe him here as a Nice Guy either…).


He seems pleased to see her so pretty and attractive and he starts teasing her like an old friend: “Are you not curious to know more about the man you will marry?” Da Ran says no. She doesn’t want to have prejudices and she wants to discover the man by herself. Plus her only goal is to marry him, no matter what: She brainwashed herself like a soldier for his mission. Hyung says it’s perfect. Now let’s talk seriously. He informs her than her coaching lessons were expensive, so he had to borrow money from a “third-party”… And enters…

Daddy Loan Shark!! BWAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh, i wouldn’t feel cornered at all if i was in her shoes… Hyung tells her he is very good at spending money but he is never lucky when it comes to be paid back. So this time he decided on hiring professionals to secure his investment… Da Ran is crushed: WHY THEM??? Because you’re in a K Drama and loan sharks are fun. A better one: Because the writer knows i have a soft spot for the ahjussi and his Idol minion. But Hyung has an even better answer: “Because they are the only persons who sincerely care about you in this world. Creditors are your best friends.” What a catchy slogan! And why am i laughing to tears when i should be holding her hand… I’m so mean… Hyung tells her it’s just a little insurance.  

She must understand her life is finished if she fails: Marry or die! I hope she’s like me and works better under pressure. Not that she didn’t have enough before… At night, Da Ran walks back home and finally can’t take it anymore: She sits on a bench and starts crying in despair. She thought she escaped her fate and she’s back to square one. “What am i supposed to do to have a clean and honorable new start in life?”

That same night, In Tak is ready to leave AMB hotel but is startled when a woman jumps in front of the car and blocks the way. It’s Mi Mi and obviously she came for revenge. She orders him to follow her so they can have a heart to heart conversation in his office.

She starts by dropping the formal tone and the honorifics altogether and In Tak mutters she must have become crazy. She says she knows he suffered much in his life: He was an illegitimate child after all and he never saw his dad until he was 8 years old. It surely explains why he is such a lonely bitter man who drowns on selfishness. Ouch. But wait, maybe she’s wrong…

“A leopard never changes his spots, right? The truth is that you were a cold bastard from the start! This is why your aunt tried raising you for 8 years and suddenly gave up on you. Your own mother didn’t want to keep you and your aunt couldn’t stand you either. Because your very nature is selfishness and cruelty. I was happy i could find you at first, but now i understand why mom tossed you aside. She took the right decision. You’re Midas Tak: The man who cares only for money in this world. We’ll never meet again”.

OK. That hurts… We can see tears forming in In Tak’s eyes and surely it’s not a bad thing. It’s the proof there is a human heart left somewhere in that body.

Next scene, Da Ran meets the mysterious sexy ahjussi in a bar. She comes to pay her debt for the car accident. The bill is reasonable and she adds than at least her ex boyfriend was useful for one thing: He got her in touch with careful professionals.

Oh my god… Ahjussi! I would do a complete check-up if i were you. I’m sure some vital parts are missing! Ahjussi asks if the nice car she was driving the other day belonged to that ex boyfriend of hers. Da Ran says no. It was the car of her parents. Compulsive liar! He innocently says she must be from a wealthy family then. Oh noes! She’s not even rich yet and already targeted by a gigolo? Kekeke… She replies it’s “something like that” and they start having a nice chat while drinking soju. She praises him for his honesty and his manners and the man is embarrassed… Seriously! A meatosaur treated like a vegetosaur, i would be embarrassed too…

He tells her she shouldn’t feel guilty for what happened: He is partly responsible for the accident. Da Ran watching his face lovingly: “There is still such a good person in this world.”

She feels at ease with her new friend and starts opening her heart. Yes, she’s been cheated before. She has met very dangerous people and her death is close. Ahjussi says she must be kidding, right? She then tells him about her boyfriend who pretended to be a poor student and conned her just for money.

Ahjussi: “So, as a daughter of a wealthy family, you learned a valuable lesson in life”.

Da Ran: “I’m like one of those flowers which grow in green houses. I’ve been protected and pampered. I had no idea the world was so tough. I’m too pure and innocent.” Someone tell me she’s just rehearsing her role here, cause if it’s not the case then we should send her to a psychiatrist.

Da Ran: ” What would you do if tomorrow was the end of the world?”

Ahjussi: “If i had a girlfriend i suppose i would spend my last moments kissing her. Unfortunately i don’t have one now.” Informative statement. 

Da Ran: “I would plant an apple tree and pray so than in my next life i won’t suffer from money issues. No more sadness or grievances because of it. I want to be able to see the attractiveness of an honest man driving an old car.” Are we taking the 200 Pounds Beauty road here? 

Ahjussi starts glowing like a saint before her eyes and it’s absolutely ridiculous. I just don’t know how the actor could keep that stupid smile on his face while the camera was doing its close-up for looonnng seconds… Da Ran is obviously drunk by now and grabs the guy by his collar to kiss him. Hopefully she faints and rolls under the table before becoming the fastest two-timer in dramaland history. Needless to say, the man is in shock.

The next day, we discover In Tak practicing a new hobby: Ball trap shooting. RAWR! He is just so sexy in that leather jacket and moves like a cat: Fluid and precise. This is where Da Ran meets officially her promised husband boss for the first time. She observes him from afar for a while and finally takes a deep breath before heading to him. She carefully stays behind him and tries introducing herself but he doesn’t hear anything because of the ear-plugs. When she finally screams “chairman!” in his ear, In Tak swiftly turns around and aims the gun at her nose.

Finally, Da Ran has a light-bulb moment: The pool! The dog! The jerk!

“Are you the new secretary?” Da Ran can’t help thinking her nightmarish life will never end… They go to buy a coffee for him and she is still unsure: Did he recognize her, yes or no? She decides she can’t even recognize herself in the mirror, so how could he possibly remember her?

Roasted ostrich is delicious…

Poor Da Ran is totally in denial: “Oh, and men have a slow brain anyway!” BWAHAHAHA!!!

1) Which brain are you talking about?

2) If he is a male for sure, maybe you should verify he belongs to the human race…

Of course, she can’t help staring at him to get signs she’s been busted and In Tak tells her to just say what’s bothering her. “Surely you won’t deny you were scanning me from head to toes?” Da Ran tries a lame excuse and In Tak informs her: He dislikes ignorant persons, he hates people who lie. But what he hates the most is people who lie to hide the fact than they are ignorant. The former chauffeur was fired not because he didn’t know the road but cause he insisted on knowing it when obviously he didn’t have a clue. Da Ran justifies herself by saying she was trying to guess his mood, precisely because she heard the driver was fired that same morning and she wanted to impress him. Nice little lie! In Tak finds the answer satisfying but tells her to be more discreet in the future. Staring at people is so vulgar… Da Ran feels relieved: He doesn’t remember her!


Sadly, he DOES remember her. And he calls Miss Ha to notify her she’s been fired. Bwahaha! That was fast! (Someone has to burn that red coat. It’s affecting my eyesight.)

Miss Ha asks why and In Tak answers like a kid who’s been bad mouthed at the kindergarten: “A few days ago that woman called me a coward! And even a super-coward!”

“But President! At that time I said that because i was…” Oooops. Da Ran my dear, I’m going to buy some of that famous green tape to seal your Big Mouth. In Tak continues: “She said i like bragging about my money and than money is all i have. And she gave me the finger!” *Murderous glance* Miss Ha is scandalized! She takes Da Ran apart to talk seriously. Da Ran: “How was i supposed to know he was that bastard of Jeju island? I must be really cursed!” From now on i suggest you always consider the worst scenario possible when you take a decision… Works for me: I only have good surprises. Miss Ha says than anyway it’s over now, she will just have to recruit someone else. Da Ran is fueled by this lack of trust: Does she give up so easily? DH Ha says she left a so bad first impression than there is no way In Tak could possibly fall in love with such a woman. Da Ran protests: She knows a lot of cases where a man and a woman ended up together after bickering heavily. Yes, me too: In Secret Garden and Star Wars. But it’s fictional you know… Da Ran asks for a second chance and i think we should schedule the 26th already. 


In Tak chooses to blow some steam with a karate duel. When he wins, Da Ran congratulates him loudly and says he looks so cool! Kissing ass? Not sure he’s the kind of guy who likes that… 

“Even your perspiration is sparkling and translucent!” Eeee! How can you even ask me to type that cheesy sentence? It’s not Twilight!

In Tak ignores the peace agreement proposal and walks with a stalkerish Da Ran on his heels. They arrive to his office and Da Ran plays her last card:

“I will be the best secretary ever! I will serve you as if you were the Emperor!”.

Sidenote 1: The first English title for this show was “For the Emperor”.

Sidenote 2: I’m Republican. Screw the Emperor!

In Tak grabs his phone and calls the security department to get rid of her. But the woman is persistent and follows him everywhere to plead her case… Even in the bathroom where In Tak starts to disrobe to take a shower… She’s so into her desperate explanations than she realize the situation only at the last moment: When he starts taking off his pants. OK. THAT is hilarious! Where do i sign to be threatened like that everyday?


Poor In Tak can’t even shower in peace since the blabbermouth keeps yelling to him from outside. He finally can’t take it anymore and opens the door at once. He decides on physical intimidation and invades her personal space, looking at  her straight in the eyes. RAWR!

In Tak: “You said you are willing to do anything for me, right?”

Da Ran: “Yes that’s what i said…”

In Tak puts a lock of hair back in place behind her ear and my brain. stops. working… An excerpt of poem from Alphonse de Lamartine entitled “The Lake” to explain how i feel:

“Ô temps ! Suspends ton vol, et vous, heures propices !

Suspendez votre cours :

Laissez-nous savourer les rapides délices

Des plus beaux de nos jours !”


Suspend your trek O Time! Suspend your flights
O favoring hours, and stay!
Let us pause, savoring the quick delights
That fill the dearest day.

Da Ran starts being scared and answers “well, maybe not EVERYTHING”

Incredulous me: No? WHY?!? CHICKEN!!! Sadly, the tender gesture was a false alert: He just doesn’t like women with loose hair. I suppose it means she stills has the job…

“You shouldn’t give up yet, it’s too early.” This is plotting ahjussi comforting our poor Mi Mi. She blames herself for the fiasco and her impulsiveness and ahjussi replies you may never know: Maybe it could turn to their advantage… I’m still waiting to know what’s YOUR advantage here, sir. Mi Mi says he is too confident and he tells her he just believes in her acting skills. What a smooth talker this one! I guess it takes one actor to know one… Out of the blue, Mi Mi tells him she wouldn’t be against dating him anew since they are going to spend a lot of time together. Flashback: Ahjussi helping a drunken Mi Mi getting of a taxi…


In the meantime, Da Ran’s Dad on the run drops to her place in her absence to get a free meal from her friend. Smart friend Seong-ran proposes a deal: Informations for Food. She wants to know if there is a chance to get the money back. Daddy says not to worry, he is working on it. I worry… He begs her to keep his situation secret: He doesn’t want Da Ran to know he sleeps at the jimjilbang. Awww… You must be the most pitiful troublesome daddy in the universe but at least you have a big heart. Daddy doesn’t stay cute for a long time though and soon asks her for money: He needs funds to search for the bastards all over the country (food, transportation and lodging). Seong-ran! Don’t do it! Run for your life and never come back! Or else you’ll be tainted with the bad luck which plagues that family… Shoot. I think she agreed.

Finally In Tak has given Da Ran some decent work: A secret mission in fact. She has to spy a certain actress called Hong Mi-sun and come back home with some of her hairs to do a DNA test. She only has a few hours to accomplish her task, or else she will really get fired. So here we go, Da Ran infiltrating a photo session disguised as a janitor. Lame. I want some Metal Gear Solid camouflage!

Mi Mi is doing her make-up and has to bear with an arrogant hair stylist and a bold manager. She promises to fire everyone once she gets her A-list actress status back…


Da Ran manages to sneak into the artists room and acts as a dumb ahjumma who would meet her idol. Mi Mi offers to sign an autograph but Da Ran is not interested and asks for a few hairs of her instead. Worst undercover agent ever.

Mi Mi starts believing her fan is just a loon and refuses. So Da Ran pretends she has seen a grey hair and surely she can’t do the photoshoot with 1 grey hair. She offers to pluck it for her. Mi Mi is just tired of her exhausting day and pushes the crazy woman down. This is when she sees the high heels Da Ran is wearing. I don’t know what’s bugging her. I always wear high heels to vacuum my house… 

She tells the impostor to get lost or she will call the security. Da Ran decides she has nothing to lose and grabs Mi Mi’s hair, screaming like a banshee. Unfortunately the fight moves to the stage and all the staff is horrified.


They separate the two wrestlers but Da Ran doesn’t care: She has plenty of hairs in her hands and grins like a crazy person. Not for long that being said. Guess who enters the battlefield with a shocked expression on his face? The mysterious Samaritan ahjussi… Da Ran doesn’t try to explain herself and runs for her life chased by everyone in the building. The one who laughs first after watching the video has to bow behind the screen.

And an another one, just because i love collective hysteria:

The actual drama chasing sequence is wayyyy less funny, with the exception of the end: Da Ran bumps into a woman holding a bag of salads and crashes on the floor.


She barely registers the ridiculousness of the situation and checks her watch: Panic! If she wastes one more minute she will be fired!

She starts running again and this time no one tries to follow her. I agree, better stop here… Chasing after mentally sick people can damage your own brain.


In Tak decides to use the last minutes of the mission countdown to visit the local shoemaker who works right across his hotel. And it’s not for a courtesy call. The battered shop impacts the good image. In Tak is unhappy and talks legal action. To impress the little man he even came with his bodyguards. He tries to reason the shoemaker for the last time, using financial arguments. But Yoda just smiles and does what he is supposed to do: He shines his shoes. Which is hilarious cause in French “shining someone’s shoes” can be interpreted as “to suck up to somebody”. Oh irony, i love you… Yoda tells In Tak than money comes, money goes: This is just the nature of life. In Tak replies he hates that sentence. And he also hates the word failure. If he accepts closing his shop immediately than he will compensate him generously. Yoda is still not interested and attacks the second shoe. In Tak says he doesn’t have the choice then: He will have to use the hard way. Yoda says he has a license to work here, so what could he do?

In Tak: “I know a lot of mighty persons who have influence.”

Yoda: “And so? You are going to disturb all those mighty persons for a little shop like this? Can’t you use your back-up for more useful causes?”

In Tak doesn’t have time to answer that important question: A disheveled Da Ran arrives barefoot with a transparent bag. She did obtain Hong Mi-sun’s hair. Victory for the Alliance!

Preview episode 4:

- Da Ran happens to destroy the car of her boss with a mace. Yeah! Police station time! Seems like she will be fired once again!

- The loan sharks team decides to come and eat at the restaurant of Da Ran’s friend. Will the customers flee? Will the prices of the menus increase?

- In Tak decides to use Da Ran as a chaperon for his blind dates since as a woman she is the most qualified to detect female treachery.

- Mi Mi secures her place as In Tak’s cousin and starts flirting openly with her older flame aka mysterious ahjussi.

Comments: This show is really a pleasure and that episode confirmed my first impressions. Again, so many things happened in 60 minutes! The script is seriously packed and i can say that cause it takes a lot of time to transcribe it in words… Second, the transitions are so smooth and the editing is perfect. It’s not a big budget drama (omg, the clothes…) but the execution is good. I know some professionals who could learn a thing or two… Third, the dialogues are still “nom-nom-nom” for me: Witty, funny and sharp as vampire fangs.

What i also love is that the truth and the lies are so intertwined. All the characters are multi-faceted and i’m not sure we have real villains here. They all pretend they act just for money but what they really want is someone to love and trust. I guess we have a long way to go…

Lastly, i adore that show cause i can experiment a lot of nonsensical things with my comments. I’m curious to see if I do, I do who starts in 2 weeks will have the same effect on me. In the meantime i will continue with the insanity…

*Going to pray the Dramagods for subs for episode4*