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 Genre : Romantic Comedy. 20 episodes. Finished airing.

Disclaimer :

-  I am biologically unable of staying serious when talking about dramas. If you want a serious master class, not sure you’ll be happy with me…

-  The previous work of the male lead is still haunting me, so expect random appearances of the Vampire Prosecutor Universe. You didn’t watch it? Then marathon the damn thing and comeback later…


Seems like our chaebol’s wife wannabee has saved her job for now since she accomplished her mission: Bringing back Hong Mi-sun’s hair to perform DNA tests. Plotting hyung is super happy to have found a motivated and resourceful recruit and Miss Ha is extra worried: She is unpredictable and has a princess syndrome. She forgot to say hyung could fall for her and she is jealous.

Mi Mi is checking the CCTV and enlisting everyone in town to find the woman who attacked her.

Mi Mi’s manager and mysterious ahjussi both tell her to calm down: She’s a declining actress and the last thing she needs is a stupid scandal. I guess it’s true, but still it hurts. Mi Mi isolates herself to cry and ahjussi comes to comfort her. He wants to take her home and she turns him down. Surely he must be happy to see her so pitiful, he has his revenge for what happened in the past… Seon-u tells her he never wanted to hurt her (yeah! Finally we know his name). She finally allows herself to cry on his shoulder: The come-back was a bad idea. She’s scared and tired of all the evilness in the entertainment industry. And the worst is that she lost her self-esteem: She is laughable in her own eyes. HEARTBREAK... How could I not think about Ae-jun in The Greatest Love: Getting old and being abandoned when acting is all your life…


Da Ran’s place: She explains to her shocked friend that she didn’t have the choice. She had to use strong-arm tactics or else give up on the bright future with rich husband. I would actually be proud of her if she didn’t start calling Mi Mi an expired good in a nice packaging. Women gossips…

Seong-ran asks all seriously who is the handsome man who brought her back home. Flash-back of our mysterious ahjussi dealing with a completely wasted Da Ran. Well, it’s not like she doesn’t spend her time embarrassing herself… Must be lunch hour and the door of the restaurant opens for the first clients: “Hello baby!”


My loan sharks! Missed you guys. Not sure Da Ran shares my enthusiasm though. Loan shark boss is in daddy mode today: She should have given him a phone call when she relocated. You know, a helpless woman lost in the big city: He was worried and all. Bwahaha… Da Ran starts getting mad and says they don’t have to meet anymore since she paid him back with the advance for the wedding job. Daddy doesn’t agree. If she fails in her plan she will have to pay back every cent to her boss. So for the worst and for the better they will have to see each other regularly. He shows the recorder with the supposed hot video he made of her and threatens to put it on the web if she tries to escape another time. The friend doesn’t appreciate the gangster methods and pulls the stool where the boss is leaning. She pretends she needs to clean that dirty floor and I don’t suspect a double meaning at all in that statement…

Friend and loan shark boss lock their eyes for a staring contest and… L.O.V.E. is in the air! Oh man, I’m going to like that…


The Mr Universe of the gang breaks the romantic mood and threatens to crush her bones, followed by number 2. Teddy Bear stops them and humbly apologies to the stoic land lady. He should have been careful, all is his fault… He shyly asks if they look that laughable in her eyes. She answers than one is pitiful (Moustache) and the other looks simple and modest (Mr Universe, who finds this utterly insulting - Bwahaha). Her opinion about the boss? He looks like he has a multiple personality disorder. Bingo! She adds than separately they are not bad kids, it’s just than put together they are like a gang of misbehaving high-schoolers. She asks them to leave because they disrupt her business but big boss is glued on the floor: He is crushing big time. ♥♥♥♥She decides to push him outside with her head on his chest. I know, it’s weird to read. And it’s even weirder to look at. Big guy wants to teach her a lesson but Teddy Bear tells him to just shut up. The man is dying happily from a mere touch. Awwww. See people, I spend my time saying he doesn’t need bucks: He needs hugs.


On the end, the gang is ousted properly and the two women prepare to celebrate their little victory. Guess who arrives to spoil the mood of Da Ran? Seong-u the mysterious ahjussi, with a big smile on his face. When her friend turns to speak to her, Da Ran is already on the other side of the country. She walks fast with her head down and wonders who’s that guy who appeared from nowhere in her life: A modern Iljimae or a Hong Gil Dong maybe. Of course, Seong-u waits for her at the next corner and asks why she’s avoiding him. I would say embarrassment… She joins her hands to do the sorry, sorry dance and ahjussi takes her hands in his. Not rawr: He is just here to return her phone. Ha.


They start having their little habits and go to eat at the nearest pojangmacha. Da Ran eats like a man and Seong-u is highly amused. He asks if maybe she eats compulsively when she is nervous. Could it be because of him? Poor girl wants to hide in her plate of noodles. Ahjussi tells Da Ran than things are serious: Mi Mi wants to report her aggression to the cops and will eventually discover her identity with the CCTV footage. Thanks to him she didn’t do it yet. Ahjussi asks gently the reasons of her action: Is it because of a grudge? Da Ran really wants to tell him the truth but remembers the warning of her boss: Absolute secrecy or she will get fired. Seong-u decides she must be a sasaeng fan of Mi Mi. He is surprised since it’s the first time he encounters one: He found the all hair grabbing fight quite funny actually. I’m going to pull your hair and we will see if you still find it funny… After dinner they continue talking and Da Ran asks about his job (thank you!) and his relationship with Mi Mi. He says he is a consultant for… some matters. He returns the question and Da Ran says she is a secretary for AMB Hotel. All this is quite vague… Da Ran decides to thank him for the other day, when she got drunk and he had to carry her home. She doesn’t remember anything from that day since she was so drunk… So, if she did something stupid could he please forget everything? Seong-u says it’s a pity: He actually enjoyed the kiss a lot and doesn’t want to forget it.

Bluffer and teaser! Where is that selective amnesia when you need it… Speaking of memory: Later that night, Seong-u remembers when he was a happy kid. Girlfriend or a sister?


In Tak Special wake-up call: Tennis balls launched at your face. I guess it explains his ill-tempered nature. In Tak is quite unhappy when he discovers than Da Ran is still his appointed secretary but he can’t do anything about that for now. She drives him to a famous French restaurant and In Tak harbors a long (smexy) face.


Seems like Da Ran has learned a thing or two about her boss obsession for longevity: She gently tells him than relaxing and talking with people while eating is good for your health. Except if you choke with your food while doing it… *Murderous glance*.


In Tak asks her why is she trying so hard to please him. It’s just weird and suspicious. Does she have a hidden agenda? Da Ran denies having secret motives and Vampy gets even more curious. Those prosecutor habits are hard to change, I swear… Da Ran can’t bear the pressure and tells him she accepted this job for the money: The salary she was offered is much higher than the one she had in her previous job. Sad but true and In Tak just drops the questioning, satisfied with the answer. Da Ran asks him why he didn’t fire her the first day they met since he clearly recognized her. In Tak says he just needed her to drive him home: Firing her on the spot would have been inconvenient. I just love the fact that he is the only one honest.

In Tak reluctantly answers his phone. It’s his aunt who calls to inform him about a new scheduled blind date. Da Ran marks the date in the agenda and In Tak starts looking at her with a little wicked smile.


“You said you would do anything for me, right?”

Da Ran reports Miss Ha about the blind date à trois. Miss Ha is worried cause In Tak always sabotage his blind dates by playing tricks on the poor girls: One time he asked the woman to play card games with real money on the table and he totally defrauded her.

He is also gifted to spot forged diplomas and faces gone under the knife. And of course he never misses an occasion to say what he thinks about those little lies SHOUTING on crowded restaurants. The best prank was when he invited all the ex boyfriends so they could attend the blind date and correct all the things the girl had to say.


BWAHAHA! I love that one… If it doesn’t happen to me. Da Ran asks Miss Ha the reasons behind those actions. Miss Ha tells her he is just a coward who can’t simply and politely reject a woman. Damn, I really hope he didn’t hide mics in the room or you are both dead meat. The conclusion of Miss Ha is that In Tak wants to test her and not the other annoying woman. 

Blind date: Da Ran in a panther dress and heavy make-up. In Tak asks them to start talking since it takes one woman to know one. The woman on the grill is a psychologist. Da Ran says it must be hard to listen to mentally unstable people all day long.


“It’s the opposite! It’s fascinating. But not as much as a man who hires a woman to replace him for his blind date. A man who does this has a serious inferiority complex, must be shy and full of inhibitions. Surely he must be a terrible boss too and quite petty at that…”


Da Ran can’t object anything: Her boss told her not to lie. Hahaha… Karma is a …

The woman starts criticizing Da Ran’s clothes. Why is she wearing that provocative outfit? Must be to impress the rivals. Or if it’s In Tak who picked it for her, then it means he loves women who are wild in bed. I could say he is a woman eater but I will be misunderstood… She bets than in reality the man has never been in a relationship with a woman and doesn’t understand them. Da Ran turns to him eyes wide open and asks “really?”. Bwahaha… In Tak boils on his seat and decides to talk directly to that fox: Why is she wearing pants and ordinary clothes for a blind date? She must have been belittled by a boyfriend when she dared to doll up. Maybe she is scared of what people could say about her. Could it be that she is sexually frustrated? Woah… Big guns… Hopefully In Tak’s phone rings before we have to separate the fighters. It’s the lab and they are positive about Hong Mi-sun being his cousin. In Tak has like a panic attack and somebody else smiles when hearing the good news: Seong-u.


In Tak’s hyung finally manages to remember why Da Ran looks so familiar: In fact she resembles In Tak’s mother a lot. “Is it a blessing or a curse?”. Oedipus complex is kind of tricky.

In Tak returns to his table for the end of the strangest blind date ever. The psychologist gives Da Ran her final conclusion: In Tak is a 34 years old man with an EQ of a kid, who must watch adult movies to release his tension. Since he loves playing with toys, it means he lacked something important as a kid. He must have been abandoned when he was a child, maybe by his birth mother. Now Da Ran starts trying to defend him, calling her insensitive and rude. The psychologist says she is happy to have met someone scarred she could examine. But as a woman who is in search of a life partner she is upset cause she lost her precious time. What she wants is to meet a healthy and responsible man she could actually marry: Not an immature bastard. Ouch, ouch, truth hurts… To Dan Ran: “Maybe there is still some hope for him if you keep on giving him your unconditional support. But be warned you will have to do all the work: He is unable to entrust his heart to anyone”.

Once the woman gone, Da Ran starts speaking stupidly again, like she does it best: He should ignore that crazy uneducated woman who told only gibberish theories, bla, bla, bla… In Tak: “The empty-headed person here is you. Don’t talk about things you don’t know. Did you think I would be softened if you started defending me? You really do everything you can to please me because of that strong survival instinct of yours. I was wrong: You’re not a beggar. You’re even more disgusting. You’re a slave.” 

Da Ran drives In Tak home at night and the atmosphere in the car is uh…unbreathable? Da Ran takes the initiative to clear the air. She tells him she understands his reaction. She didn’t defend him to be in his good books, she did it because what she heard triggered her anger. And she knows he was angry too: That’s a familiar feeling to her.

In Tak: “You were angry? Why?”

Da Ran: “Having your pride being hurt, feeling embarrassed, having painful memories thrown in your face: It makes you feel so bad, it’s suffocating…”

In Tak with tears in his eyes: “You jump to conclusions once again. And you project your own history here. Not everyone feels and thinks like yourself.” In Tak enters his house and shuts the creaking door, leaving a bemused Da Ran on the street. In Tak ends the night crying alone at home.


It’s so heartbreaking seeing him trying to push her away. Even him knows those spiteful words are a makeshift shield. Pretending not to have a human heart like everyone else: If it’s not a desperate measure of self preservation, then I’m Korean. To be honest I’m sure Da Ran knows it too and genuinely wanted to comfort him. It’s just too soon yet for a hug. “Even Buddha or the Saints can’t save someone who doesn’t want to escape his private hell.” 

The day after, seems like he did a lot of thinking too because in the morning he gives a friendly phone call to Mi-Mi. He apologies for his hard words of the other day, of course in his cold usual way, then he tells her he confirmed she is his cousin. He wants her to come to his office but Mi Mi plays hard to get: If he sincerely wants to meet her again, she would rather do it at the restaurant of her manager’s sister’s.


Later that day, Mi Mi and Seong-u have a meal together. He doesn’t look surprised when Mi Mi tells him that In Tak called her. “You seem to know him very well. How is it possible? Do you know each other?” Thank you for asking lady.


As always, mysterious ahjussi doesn’t give a satisfactory answer. Mi Mi doesn’t feel offended though and decides to take care of her love life since she is in a lucky day. She starts being all flirtatious but Seong-u cuts her short: For the rest of the mission they can communicate by phone. She then asks him the reason why he chose her for that mission. Seong-u tells her she had a fitting profile: Foreign nationality and blurred family records. Perfect to switch identity. Oh! No! He bribed the lab to rig the DNA tests. I really wanted her to be family… 

Seong-u: “What you are doing could send you to jail. No one wants to experience that, even with a big lump of money at stake. You were the only one who accepted the deal. I presumed you wouldn’t have changed and you would still do anything for money. I was right.” Old story those two.

At night, Mi Mi and In Tak have their reconciliation meeting. We could assume the man would be more relaxed but no: He is as suspicious as ever and asks her right ahead about the place they were living in when they were kids. Mi Mi doesn’t reply and starts playing with him like a cat with a mouse. When he starts leaving she drops his old nickname, “chewing-gum”. Cause he always was clinging to her mother’s leg (his aunt). If you were her real cousin of course. Grrr. 

Mi Mi decides to celebrate and orders champagne and good stuff to eat. Da Ran who was sitting in the car the all time wakes up suddenly and recalls she has to bring a bottle of water to his boss. He is in a restaurant: Surely he won’t die from thirst. I mean, all those juicy customers…

What should happen actually happens and Da Ran finds herself face to face with Mi Mi at the counter. Ooops. Mi Mi tells the staff to escort the psycho-stalker to the police station, she will come later to fill in the complaint. Da Ran frees herself and follows her to her table. And we have a wonderful sequence of product placement.


She loudly explains herself: “Chairman, please! Tell her the situation! He asked me to do it and told me I had to keep it a SECRET and…They want to drag me to the police station and…”

In Tak finally recovers from his stupor and fires her on the spot: A secretary unable to keep secrets and shut her mouth when needed is unforgivable. In Tak is maybe an ass but here no one can blame him: It’s an elementary question of trust and professional attitude.


Da Ran retaliates by destroying the windscreen of In Tak’s car with a mace. When Seong-u arrives and grabs her arm it’s already too late: All the customers are surrounding her and taking pictures. Everyone is headed to the nearest police station. The cop who’s in charge of the case listens calmly to both of them and suggests a settlement.


I don’t care about the insults, they are wearing matching clothes! :) Da Ran: “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth! I’d rather go to jail than apologize or reconcile with a jerk who has no sense of justice.”  

See? I knew that problem would occur one day.

Mi Mi and Seong-u are here too and the former asks him why he didn’t say nothing when obviously he already knew Da Ran before she assaulted her. Plus he didn’t say anything either after the attack. Why? Seong-u tells her he is sorry: It was a mistake. He knew she was unstable but he didn’t think she would use such extreme tactics to approach her. Mi Mi and In Tak leave the hall and ahjussi proposes to be Da Ran’s guarantor so she doesn’t have to sleep in jail. Da Ran opposes firmly, saying she doesn’t know that man enough to entrust her life to him. ?? If i remember correctly, you tried to kiss the guy. In fact she always wanted to visit a detention center so she wants to stay! She grabs the wrist of the cop and leads the way to her cell.

I know… That woman is an enigma for me too… 

Outside the building, we find In Tak waiting for a new chauffeur to bring him home. Mi Mi formally introduces the two men. In Tak wants to thank him with money for his testimony but ahjussi refuses. He did it cause he values the truth, not by interest. When Seong-u goes to shake his hand, In Tak excuses himself and leaves. Seong-u decides he finds the man interesting and he can’t wait for what’s coming next.


Miss Ha goes to report the smashed car incident to plotting hyung. In her opinion, they should stop the massacre now: Da Ran is the worst secretary ever so how to picture her in a wedding dress? In Tak and Da Ran have become mortal enemies in one night.


Hyung doesn’t share her pessimism and tells her not to worry: He fired her a few days ago and she came back to work like if nothing happened, right? Plus that woman doesn’t act or think rationally anyway: She will find an illogical and unpredictable way to stick to her target. Blessing or curse? He bets on the blessing. He has so much faith in her, I’m touched… Hyung adds he has a secret weapon to convince In Tak. There is one sentence that scares In Tak more than anything: “This is your loss”. He gives Miss Ha an envelope and laughs like the evil man he is.

Miss Ha comes to the police station to clean the mess. She confesses to Da Ran that she doesn’t like her and finds her exasperating. Da Ran stubbornly refuses to apologize. She smashed the car not to annoy her boss. She did it cause she was dismissed. She knew the loan shark team would come for her and there is no better place to hide from them than jail. Bwahaha… Now I picture them entering the building hands in their pockets to get her released on bail… Miss Ha tells her than if she wanted to buy some time she should have beaten In Tak instead: The sentence would have been longer. Da Ran says very seriously she didn’t think of that at the moment but yes, she should have done it… Oh my God! *Facepalm pics are sold out*.

At the restaurant, Seong-ran prepares to welcome her first customers of the day. Seems like it’s going to be a long day because the “welcome” she gives without lifting her head lands on the ears of my favorite loan sharks.


The boss decided the place would be their canteen starting from now. I wonder if holy water or garlic would work for them… They go to seat at a table but Seong-ran stops them right ahead: Surely they must notice the public baths get deserted when they come in? “How did you know?”. Bwahaha!  She tells him she will go bankrupt if they come here. Teddy Bear loan shark tries pleading his cause: He will behave and be a good boy. Plus four customers who come twice a day each day is a guaranteed income… Oh come on unni, feed the kids!

I won’t be granted my wish for now: The landlady keeps her heart of stone and pushes starving lost souls on the street. I feel so wronged, I want karma to play its part here. 

In Tak’s office: Vampy is fuming. He has the employment contract of Da Ran in hand. If he wants to fire her he has to pay penalties and the amount is not little… He asks Miss Ha the name of the person responsible for this. She tells him that he likes to control everything but not this time: She is tired of recruiting and teaching newbies only to see them being fired the next day. So, she added that breach of contract clause for her own peace of mind. In Tak throws a tantrum: He will never survive working with that woman for 2 all years. He can’t, he doesn’t want and he will not.

Miss Ha: “Fine. I am authorized to sign the check for the penalties on your behalf. I guess it’s your loss and not my money anyway…” Plus Miss Da Ran could sue him for abusive breach of contract. Lawyers are SO expensive these days… In Tak asks about the car repair fees and Da Ran says she will pay him back a bit each month with her salary.

In Tak: “What a joke! I want the money for the repairs on my desk tomorrow morning. Or she will return into jail”.

Miss Ha : “Even if she is sentenced, the contract is still valid: She would have to come back and resume her job later”.

 BWAHAHA… In Tak, your mind is more twisted than mine… :)

Miss Ha: “… I just defend her because of the contract…”

In Tak: “That’s what bothers me, precisely. You never signed such a contract in 7 years. Why now? People who change their attitude suddenly do it for only two reasons: They are dying or they are conspiring against me. You look like a perfectly healthy woman to me.”

Da Ran: “She’s not dying and she’s not conspiring either! She’s just protecting me against a tyrant who mistreats his employees.”


In Tak: “You two spend your time backing-up each other on every occasion from day 1. It’s not normal and highly suspicious. What kind of relationship do you have exactly?”

Preview episode 5:

- In Tak’s housemaid is replaced by Da Ran for some mysterious reasons. Yeah! Cohabitation time! Will she be fired once again?

- Mi Mi starts being treated as family by In Tak and Seong-u seems sincerely (I said seems) happy for her. Mysterious ahjussi visits a young girl comatose at the hospital. I smell birth secrets.

- In Tak has to take a cab driven by a big tattooed guy freshly released from prison. Bwahaha… Hope it’s not a guy Vampy prosecuted in his previous life…

- In Tak loses his appetite (I guess it’s a good news for Da Ran), because he doesn’t have the answer to his question: Imminent death or conspiracy. Forbidden love?

Comments: This episode was less hysterical than the previous one and I’m thankful. Seriously people, you have no idea how much exhausted I was after the last one…The funny is still first quality and we get to know the characters a bit more. This show has decided to showcase only liars but no bad guy (or witch) and I’m grateful for that too. For a drama that plays the card of comedy so strongly, I’m surprised to feel so much empathy for the characters. I have to credit the writer for all those wonderful secondary characters (Da Ran’s friend, the shoe maker, the loan sharks, Miss Ha…). I keep on enjoying the smart dialogues, and the clever editing. If everything goes smoothly, we should have 3 couples in the next episodes. Not bad isn’t it? I can’t wait for subs, palli, palli!