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Let’s do some Spring cleaning before welcoming the new shows next week. I feel like i have licked a goya disguised as a lollipop…

Rooftop Prince: 5/10

A bit too schizophrenic for me. It was really the trend of the season. First half extracted from a crazy comedic manhwa. Then one quarter with business thriller and murderers (or wannabee murderers). Finally, 2 last episodes in sageuk land with blood and tragedy. I love fusion food but there it’s too much of anything for me. I can’t say the main couple had much chemistry even if their acting wasn’t bad at all. I will keep in my memory the wonderful music, the good fish out of the water scenes (cause some were really flat) and the bad guy Tae-mu played by the dangerously sexy Lee Tae-sung. The man has earned an affectionate nickname in my book: The Korean T1000. Be proud Sir: I don’t do that for anyone.

The King 2 Hearts: 7/10  

Terrific first episodes, well balanced between dark comedy, heavy scenes and romance. Then the cruelty and the angst became too much once again. I stopped watching at episode 12 or 13 and read only the recaps. Is there a contest this year for the show which will shock the maximum of its viewers? The perfect is the enemy of the good. I don’t say the show is bad, but it’s just too violent for me. The script was not that perfect (the foreigners once again and the bad guy) but the actors were (absolutely all of them). Ha Ji-won and Lee Seung-gi were incredible together (THAT’S chemistry). The music once again was remarkable. Beautifully shot too. Nice but not for the faint of heart.

Fashion King: 2/10

DLTE/DLTE/DLTE (Didn’t Like The Ending). Wait. Didn’t like the beginning either and still i stayed until the bitter/acid/toxic end… What was wrong with all of us? Perfect to illustrate the expression “addictive crap”: Bad narration, stupid dialogues and repetitive actions (elevator someone?). I won’t even mention the very bad foreign actors supposed to be New Yorkers (NY was also very trendy this season). I don’t even want to talk about the poor and awful fashion (and i’m a girl who likes her jerseys, so you can imagine the level). What i liked? Lee Je-hoon, the kisses, and the recaps of my fellow blogger friends Deeno and Raine. Maybe the worst drama just behind A Thousand Kisses. Well, at least it didn’t last 50 episodes…

The Wedding Scheme (aka Marriage Plot): 4/10

Liked the first third of the show, for the zany. I started this drama only because of the trailer who promised us some Mr and Mrs Smith + some forced men/women cohabitation. I ended up with noble idiocy, cancer and tears. I’m beginning to get tired with all those dramas about kimchi. How many of them in the past months? Fermentation Family, this one, Immortal Classic… Drop the formula guys, it’s getting old. Still, it was nice to see my dear action school of Secret Garden on my screen. I know, i’m just an emotional cry baby…

Now, i’m really putting some faith in the new shows starting at the end of the month. Theoretically we should have a bunch of real Romantic-Comedies: The ones that don’t make you cry buckets. Please and thank you.

I do, i do:

The new drama of Kim Sun-ah and Lee Jang-woo. I will recap this show, always in that *serious* tone of mine.


The new Hong sisters drama with Gong Yoo. The trailers are promising.

A Gentleman’s Dignity:

The new drama of the writer of Secret Garden. Impossible to ignore for me. Need my fix.

Time Slip Dr. Jin:

The adaptation of the manga with Song Seung Hun (aka Mr Hand Towel) as a neurosurgeon transported in the Korea of 1860. Should be funny, even if not voluntarily…


The cyber-thriller with So Ji-sub and Daniel Choi. Need at least one show for the brain. And i’m a total nerd anyway…

Now, I will just pray for the writers to stop trying tricking me. I hate bad surprises mind you…