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So, it’s not a lucky day for Tae-kang: He is caught red-handed by the cops. Ji-an is totally furious and wants to know who’s the mastermind who dares to copy her shoes and kill her business. Tae-kang improvises a lame defense and says he doesn’t know anything: He just picked an abandoned bag full of shoes on the street. And he started running cause her face is really scary at night. Boy, not sure it’s the time for jokes… Tae-kang decides for loyalty and refuses to denounce his father. You can see he’s scared and overwhelmed by the events but he never changes his line of defense.

Ji-an asks the cop what will happen to Tae-kang if he stays silent. Well, he will be prosecuted and surely convicted. She decides for a new attempt of discussion. She asks him if he’s blackmailed by his boss. Is he scared of reprisals? Tae-kang mocks her:  She sure watches a lot of gangster movies. He keeps repeating he fabricated the shoes alone but Ji-an is not stupid: He has no calluses on his hands and the knock-offs are first quality. Only someone with years of practice can have done this.

Since reason doesn’t work, she tries guilt: Did he think about his father? What will happen to him if he goes to jail? You can see pure terror on Tae-kang’s face, like he senses he’s going to be busted. To get rid of her quickly he uses her weakness: He tells her he understands now why she can’t get along with her parents. She just thinks about money and herself. Thinking about it he would have disowned her too. She calls him trash and he agrees. To survive in that world he had to throw away even his pride. She replies being poor is not a good excuse: A lot people are less educated and poorer than him and still they are decent human beings, they don’t live as parasites. Ji-an gives up on Tae-kang and leaves the police station.


In the meantime, dad is having a drink at the Choong-baek’s cafe. He worries about Tae-kang not picking up his phone and get the answer from the TV: A counterfeiter has been arrested and is questioned by the cops right now. Despite the blur effect he recognizes his son. It’s no surprise when he comes to turn himself in the next morning. He tells Tae-kang it’s alright, he just has to get back home like a good son. When Tae-kang gets there he finds his meal ready on the table with a note. Those two can fight all day but they sure care for each other…


Incheon Airport: A woman arrives (Yeom Na-ri ). We learn she’s been abroad for 15 years. She loses no time and asks about the business and the Chairman. The employee who came to pick her up says everything is fine. At Jinny Kim Shoes she is welcomed by her maternal uncle.


First request: She doesn’t like her assigned office. Ji-an is left packing her belongings. The newbie (tch) has been named Vice-President… She is not short of ambition, that’s for sure. Rumors say she is an illegitimate daughter of the Chairman…


She introduces herself to the staff and says she has heard a lot about Director Hwang Ji-an but when she wants to shake her hand she gets coldly rebuffed: Can’t she see she’s carrying a box? Na-ri insists to shake her hand and she has to dump the box. Icy handshake is not even a proper way to describe the scene. When Ji-an finally can leave, Na-ri hands her a leaflet she dropped about prevention of menopause: “Seems important for you”. Ji-an says it’s for her mom but Na-ri says it’s strange: There is her name written on it. The all staff harbors the OMG face… You can’t say their relationship starts on good basis…

Ji-an is left fuming in her new office and she vents her frustration on the innocent leaflet. Her phone rings and mom brings good news, sort of. She pulls her leg a bit before admitting the Doctor of the last blind date has called back and wants to see her again.


Ji-an says she liked him too, hangs up and then calls the stupid guy who didn’t do his job properly: He was supposed to reject her! He replies he wanted to do so but his parents wanted to set a new date this week. Can’t she help him out saving some time?

Ji-an: “What will happen if we continue with the masquerade? What will we do if the parents set a date for the wedding?”

Eun-sung: “Then I guess we will have to obey and marry… Don’t worry! We will see the day it happens.” Hahaha. Persistent much?

Ji-an asks angrily why he is forcing his way when she has no interest in him AT ALL. Poor guy looks at his phone with the *I can’t believe it* face and tells her he is not interested in her either! It’s a purely practical initiative and she takes her dreams for the reality. Scaredy cats! Just say you like each other already… He proposes to go and eat tofu stew for dinner: It’s good for menopause induced mood swings. Bwahaha! I bet the tofu stew will land right on your head… He hangs up with a big smile on his face. Ladies and gentlemen we have our jerk of the day!


Tae-kang waits for his father at the prison entrance. He tells him he looks like Al Pacino with the beard and it’s true. Daddy goes straight to the point and asks where did he find the money for the bail. Well, he sold the motorbike… And the house. So now they have to live at the jimjilbang. Daddy is desperate and scolds Tae-kang like never. How could he do that? Tae-kang says he’d rather be broke but with his dad than alone in an empty house. Aww. You just have to love those two.


Here we go with Tae-kang trying all the weirdest possible jobs on Earth to make a living: Nude model for art students, building window cleaner (but he has heights fright), stable boy, and technician at the morgue (15 seconds, before fainting from fear).


Ji-an keeps visiting the stores who sell her shoes and gets a shock. Her boss/nemesis decided to lower the prices to reduce the stocks. Without consulting her and at the last minute. To make things worst, her team is in rebellion mode because of the stretched days and the additional workload. Ji-an over-ears the grumbles and decides to play the nice manager: She invites everyone for dinner… And ends up alone at her table, for the best collective stood up of the year.


I don’t know about you but personally if I want to excuse myself I call BEFORE and not 3 hours after… Her staff is seriously a bunch of rude, incompetent and coward people. I guess I worked with too many persons like this, can’t stand them. Rant over.

Ji-an walks back home depressed and sits on a bench to call her friend. Who’s obviously having fun with her boyfriend. She decides to hang up to avoid the giggles and salacious talk on the background. She finally heads to a familiar place to eat alone: Choong-baek’s bar. Of course, Tae-kang is also here and first doesn’t know how to react. He is still mad at her because of what he went through and he decides to attack.


He doesn’t want to see her face and it’s his territory here. She tells him to use his hatred as a strength to be productive for the society instead of bothering other people. He replies her way of living is not the only one and certainly not the best: Just looking at her he knows she has no one to talk to, only her money and her shoes. So she’s the one pitiful here. Ouch. Fact is she effectively ends up alone at home with a cup of ramen and some expired kimchi while Tae-kang cries over his sleeping dad and his old hands at the sauna. What a crappy day…


The day after, Ji-an presents a new project to find new talented designers. Na-ri the Vice President praises Ji-an publicly for the idea and tells her privately she changed her management methods just for her: Carrots instead of a whip. Ji-an answers she dislikes carrots as well and Na-ri says it’s a pity since they help preserving a youthful skin. For good measure she gives free coupons for a beauty salon. Seriously, I don’t know how I would take it. It looks like guenine consideration for a worthy employee and at the same time like a high form of offense. 

Tae-kang waits at a bus station after an unsuccessful job hunting session and spots the notice from Jinny Kim Shoes: The prize for the winner is 30 Millions won (about 25 000 $) and a job. And now I have a painful flash-black of the survival job contest in Man of Honor. Oh no! Lee Jang-woo, don’t go there! I swear I will die… Tae-kang enthusiasm is not shared by his father though. He tells him to buy a lottery ticket instead, he surely would have more chances to win. Tae-kang stubbornly says he will register anyway and he will keep all the prize money for himself once he wins. Na!


Tae-kang goes to buy a pair of heels and brainstorms to find a good idea to customize them since it’s the challenge asked for the contest. At the peak of frustration he almost throws away the shoes from the roof of the sauna before daddy comes to save them. He tells a little story: The worst day of his life was when his workshop burnt entirely. Tae-kang says he remembers it. What he doesn’t know is that his dad tried to kill himself that day. He was about to jump from a bridge when he recalled his son was alone at home and needed to be fed. What prevented him to kill himself was a brat with an empty stomach. And life went on like that. Daddy tells him to give him the shoes: He needs to feel useful. Tae-kang refuses: He wants to do it all by himself so he can brag about his skills to him. So cute. 

Ji-an has finally decided to go to the beauty salon and has invited her only friend who can’t believe her change of attitude: She never wanted to come with her before. They start chatting and the friend asks about the handsome doctor of the blind date. Ji-an is seriously considering meeting him again because the man keeps texting her everyday, always at the same time of the day. Her friend laughs at her and informs her he is just using a software on his smart phone to program the sending. Ji-an says whatever: She feels guilty and obliged to invite him for dinner to reward his efforts. Bad faith! Ji-an quietly sips her drink but suddenly feels nauseous…

At the hospital, Eun-sung the gynecologist proudly informs a woman (who’s not Ji-an) that she’s pregnant. His next patients are an old couple who seem embarrassed to be here. Hilariously he assumes they come to consult for a fertility problem and he diplomatically advises them to turn to adoption instead. The ahjussi replies he is not here because he wants to have kids. What he wants to know is if HE ever thought of changing his specialty. Cause he doesn’t want his daughter to marry a man who watches under the skirts of women all day long. Eun-sung is lost and asks who they are. When he hears they are Ji-an’s parents he jumps from his seat and bows respectfully. LOL!


The three of them go to eat together and it’s time for a grilling session. Ji-an’s dad wants to know what he thinks about working women. Eun-sung says it’s very common now and it’s not a problem, before noticing the disapproval in daddy’s eyes and changing his tune: Of course he will try his best to change her mind, “father in-law”! This pleases old-fashioned dad immensely. Ji-an parents leave the restaurant with a “see you soon father and mother!” from Eun-sung. He calls Ji-an to inform her he met her parents but she rejects his call when she sees his number. His reaction is:  “This won’t do!” Bwahaha! Ji-an is going to have a hard time with that guy…

Final selection for the Jinny Kim Grand Prize. No surprise, Ji-an and Na-ri disagree on who deserves to win and we have another round of staring contest. Seems like Ji-an had the final word since the winner is… Tae-kang. This one shares the good news at the cafe with Choong-baek and his dad. Time to party!

First day of work for the kid starts badly with a fight with a vending machine. Ji-an approaches to scold him for damaging a company property and is rewarded by a soft drink which explodes right on her face…


Elegant! And now I want to re-watch the Cola kiss!

To be continued…



- It’s quite a good episode actually but not perfect. I find disturbing the different acting of the two leads: Kim Sun-ah plays emotional and intensity very well. Lee Jang-woo overacts a bit the childish and cute sides of his character. For some reason I preferred his subtlety in the infamous “Man of Horror”.

- I have a serious second lead syndrome: That Doctor could be a jerk escaped of one my favorite dramas. He does everything to avoid confronting his parents (and additionally having his ways with Ji-an). But when he turns on the charm and smiles… I’m gone.

- No surprise: The all business story arc bothers me to death. What I find interesting is the rivalry behind the 2 women. I sense some respect and a common ground between the hot-blooded leaders. They just need to learn how to communicate, how to work together, how to blend their strengths and how to compensate their weaknesses. I am totally disgusted by their employees though: They better invent a best seller pair of shoes if they want to redeem themselves in my eyes.

- If we talk pure viewing pleasure when it comes to the shows currently airing, I enjoyed more the 2 first episodes of A Gentleman’s Dignity than this ones (I take my abs as a barometer). You could say then than I’m slightly disappointed with this one. But I don’t give up, I’m just waiting for the love stories to start for real and I need to warm up to KSA’s character. I understand her but I don’t like her yet.