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I thought I would have a longer list with the Ds but this is how it goes. It’s globally a good batch with a majority of Taiwanese shows.

Devil Beside You:

I can’t believe this show is from 2005.  One of the first dramas I saw (so in 2009) and it’s still one of my favorite. Do i need to rewrite than Mike He is gorgeous in it? I won’t insult your intelligence… It can be cheesy at times (Raine plays one of the few dumb heroines i can tolerate). But damn if it wasn’t funny and sexy. Kingone was starting his Always Second Best career. Am i biased with this drama? Absolutely. Last good point: The OST is packed with sweet ballads. If you listen to the song down here you’ll hear the woman speaking French. ^^ The day we will hear Taiwanese or Korean in a French TV show OST i will shave my head. Me and stupid bets, an old love story…

credits to  who has all the tracks on her playlist.

Down with love:

I must say i’m not a fan of Jerry Yan. I watched this only for Ella Chen who is like an Energy Drink. She’s funny and an atypical beauty. I’m not sure (yet) she could play everything but as a spunky heroine she’s the best. The premise of the story: A boss who hires a girl as the nanny for his devilish kids thinking she won’t fall in love with him cause she’s gay. Now, let me fast forward the mandatory tears and the misunderstanding scenes and give me my candy.

Dr Champ:

What you call an underrated drama. I really loved it: Medical, (Uhm Tae-woong channelling shamelessly DR House), romance, sweat and abs (Jung Gyu Woon and Jung Suk Won). No chaebols or crazy in-laws. I was so disappointed with the character of JSW in Rooftop Prince recently (to be exact embarrassed and ashamed: Uglyfied, idiotified and 3rd wheel all at once?). You know what? I want to re-watch this drama. This is how much i liked it. Much more than a certain Dr Jin airing these days which is a pure masquerade.

Dream (SBS):

Fighters again! Joo Jin Mo as a boxing coach of a young delinquent. Yeah, nothing new but those coming to age stories always get me. The bromance was so cute! In a way it was like a rehearsal for Bummie before he shot Padam Padam: He is really good at this game, like Song Joong-ki. But wait! He is also a noona killer in it! Another thing he does well. In the end it was really a nice ride. One of those re-watchable shows which won’t make you pull out your hair.

Dream High-season 1:

I really liked this show. It was fun, funny and had good OST. I wanted to root for the students, i shipped some couples, the teachers were funny, and the acting was not so bad for idols. A few cameos (Bae Yong-joon), a bit of angst but not too much. A lot of positive messages for the kids who would watch it. When the job is done honestly i’m a happy camper. See? It’s not that hard to satisfy me.

Dream High-season 2:

On the other hand… I still don’t know why they wanted to keep the Dream High title since the 2 shows are like day and night (could it be easy money?). Only common point is JYP as an English teacher who doesn’t speak a word of English but keep giving dance lessons on his free time (he was funny in the 1st version but boring here). Epic fail on so many levels: No story, acting less than average, dance and music are bleh, characters are the most inconsistent and hateful i’ve ever seen. The costumes and sets were not pretty to look at (don’t believe the poster). I didn’t even watch the last episodes when i read the spoilers (ridiculous ending). The only good point in this show is the actor who plays the male lead: Jung Jin-woon affectionately nicknamed Chicken Beak by his dramabeans fans. I wouldn’t mind having him more on my screen. Please?

Drunken to love you:

Another Rainie drama. She must have been in half the dramas produced in TW seriously. The story is a bit too melo and convoluted for me. Basicallyy, alcohol+one-night stand= marriage contract. A lot of i love you, i love you not but maybe i still do. Exhausting. I loved the secondary male characters played by Kingone and Tom Price more than Jie Xiu ( played by Joseph Chang). And again, the FF button helped me survive the machinations of all kind. I watched it till the end so i guess it wasn’t that bad.