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You thought next week was hot? This episode is even worst… Or better if you have a libido on overdrive. Fan service in a funny way? Please, thank you! And MOAR! Forget the fan, I need a freezer to cool down. Oh, and before I forget, the plot is moving too: Me happy. :)

Oska#2, NiceGuy and Timebomb are in a bathroom shirtless and discuss men problems: Should a man be a shaggy caveman or a civilized neat creature? Oska#2 is mocked by his friends when they see all the vials he uses: He must have stolen the skin care products of his wife or he has to compensate for his… male body function. Hot city guy appears confident on the question. He even teaches them how to apply eye contour cream. The Jerk arrives and everyone assumes he is in the Real Men team, until they notice his tense expression: Is he hiding something behind his back?

A *pink* eyebrow razor. S.H.A.M.E! The lame excuse “I found it on the floor” doesn’t work and the Real Men decide he is a traitor: They suggest to shave his eyebrows entirely to teach him a lesson and he threatens to cut his throat with the offending object. Noooo! Leave him alone! The dispute ends with the Real Men stealing Oska#2′s creams while the other 2 are busy fighting over the matter: Which one is the best beauty salon in town. Pfft. Just come to my house guys: I’m a beautician. *Rubbing hands in sesame oil*.

-Flashback- NiceGuy is telling The Jerk he knows everything about… Everything: DoomedGirl has a crush on him and his best friend has a crush on that girl. Which is fine. As far as he’s concerned, he only loves one woman: The Foe. Friend’s advice: If he wants to win the girl who likes him he better be nice, heart and body alike. This is why he hired him for the kitchen’s makeover. They were love rivals for Eun-hui, their first love. Now they are grown up and he wants to help him catch his girl. I KNEW the threatening tone was just a bluff but still, I breathe better now.

DoomedGirl arrives to her house and asks why they are here. At first the guys don’t know how to react: Did she hear the conversation or not? Seeing her cold attitude toward you, I would say yes… The workers report they are done with the unloading and ask if they can start the assembling. The Jerk dismisses them: The real business will start once they are gone. *Wolf alert!*

DoomedGirl asks about the movers. “They left. Which one did you like?” Bwahaha… I think he buried them in the garden… She asks if he’s confident enough to do all by himself and he replies he is strong enough for the task. How much time will it take? A week of course! She goes hiding herself in her room only to come back with a pair of gloves: If she helps it will be done in 3 days. Some people will never learn…

How to use the situation in the best way?

1- Finding the good nail: Spoon her hands and caress her fingers in the process. Must last at least 10 minutes, even if the nails are all the same.

 2- Screw the ledge. I said the ledge, you perverts… Be sure to say the drill is a deadly weapon. OK. I give up on the double meaning words…

3- Screw the ceiling light. Caution: Never watch what you are doing and keep eye contact even if you’re electrocuted.

4- Be a gentleman: Prevent the girl from falling, even if she’s on the first step of the ladder.

At this point, if the woman is not a puddle of glee at your feet then the situation is helpless.

DoomedGirl says a bar is a strange gift. The Jerk says it’s cool: You can invite charming men at home and you don’t have to worry about driving if you’re drunk. Not sure it’s the same reason for NiceGuy though. DoomedGirl says she understands: When your habit is to spend your soirées with a different girl every night… The Jerk says he dropped that habit, just for her. Can’t you see he is dying from sexual frustration? 

Baby Fox comes to Timebomb’s home to give him his birthday present, at last. Nobody’s here and she enters thanks to The Jerk who gave her the password. She sees the flowered apron and the new dishes an assumes one of the men has a woman in his life.

DoomedGirl goes to buy sandwiches for the squatter of her kitchen and remembers the discussion she heard by accident between The Jerk and Timebomb. Yes! he loves you, slow brain woman… She comes back home with the food and finds him asleep on the sofa. Instead of waking him up to eat she observes him.

I swear, he’s asleep! Really! No one ever believes me…

He finally asks if he’s allowed to open his eyes.

“Did you buy the sandwiches?”


“Tasty ones?”


“Can’t you like me a little?”


She feels uncomfortable and wants to go away but he grabs her arm. He wants to know if she already used the laptop he bought for her. She says no. Why? Is there something special she has to see? He pulls her on the couch with him to show her: He has her body printed on his sheets, positioned exactly like this:


She tells him he should stop with those tricks or else she will hit him one day. “You like violent skinship? Good. Then you should watch the folder I created just for you: My secret private life.” DoomedGirl is busted as usual when she says she never saw such a file on her comp and she’s not interested in him anyway. Liar, liar, pants on fire! He tells her she shouldn’t miss such an opportunity: She could discover a whole new world… And now I see him in vinyl pants, with handcuffs and a whip. I need help. When he tells her he better go home now she looks disappointed. “Why? Do you want me to stay and sleep here?” She chases him and we see him fidgeting in his car: Of course he didn’t want to leave!

The next morning, DoomedGirl is rummaging in her closet, excited like a bee. She even has auditory hallucinations: The “can’t you like me a little?” won’t let her in peace. She receives a phone call from her mom but doesn’t respond, visibly unhappy.

Timebomb gets back home and finds the gift of Baby Fox on his desk, with an apology for the crashed birthday party.

The Queen just took a shower and is surprised by a pleasant vision:

Epic fail: She goes straight in bed and not for strange activities. He joins her and she wants his arm as a pillow. She also orders him to pat her side until she falls asleep. She tells him this is all she wants today, and also the other days: A warm husband who helps her at night with her insomnia. Who wakes up in the morning in her bed.

The request leaves Oska#2 completely puzzled. A little bit like this:

DoomedGirl passes through a park to go to school. Love is slowly blooming in her heart. She is welcome by the annoying teacher who is relieved to hear she covered her for her unjustified absence.

I’m starting to know you, dear writer: I’m sure we will discover she helped a cat stuck in a tree, gave her blood or fought the crime… BabyJerk comes to show the book transcription he was given as a punishment.

DoomedGirl immediately sees the different writings on the pages and the different colors of inks. He says he is trying to find his style and she retorts her style is BadGirl: Now he will have to copy 2 books. If he persists with the collective work, next time 4, then 8 etc…

Baby Fox and Baby Stalker go for a lunch date again and she complains to him: His way of holding the door for the girls is neither American or Japanese. I’m not even sure he is human, truth to be told… She sees Timebomb having a business lunch with attorney Kang and decides to sit behind him. Baby Stalker recognizes the ahjussi who was at the café last time he came and can’t help teasing her: Is he one of those numerous men who fell for her?

She chose that seat precisely to be closer and be able to hear his voice. Timebomb can’t bear the pressure and ends his meal hastily. Seriously! Talk to him face to face or go elsewhere. I would hate if someone did that to me. Plus they could be talking about confidential stuff. Baby Stalker asks about his job. Inventory time: A constructor, a cafe owner and a lawyer. Not bad! He wants to know why they can’t be together, her and the lawyer. What he has for an answer is a reproach: She couldn’t see her oppa leave the restaurant because of his questions!

Baby Stalker is disgusted by her attitude and I’m seriously creeped out! That kid is going pathologically obsessive, worst than The Jerk. I wouldn’t be surprised by a suicide attempt in order to attract attention.

Gathering of the gentlemen for the Winter Korean Vacation Mega Complex. Things work fine and NiceGuy jokes: He is surprised by his own skills. Cocky much? The Jerk has a light bulb moment thanks to a frozen bottle of water: Frozen water expands and no one took that in consideration for the formula of the concrete. The Jerk tells NiceGuy he could repay him for the good idea by cancelling the 200 000 $ cut on his salary due to his previous mistake. NiceGuy says his pride worth more than that and someone goes to sulk in a corner.

Baby Stalker phones to his mother and talks Japanese with her. Looks like he ran away from home but not without her knowing the reason. He tells her he is in Korea now and says she shouldn’t have left this nice country. He also wants her to reactivate his credit card: He has a pretty girl to impress. She refuses and he blackmails her: If not, he’s going to find that special someone she doesn’t want to meet again. Oh! I love that kid! And I have a strong premonition about that special someone: Who said “A woman’s crisis is a man’s opportunity”? Eeeeee! Mom hangs up the phone and the kid declares war officially. Guess who passes in front of him at this precise moment? The Jerk and NiceGuy, clearly identified as 2 of the guys on the old photo.

Golf tournament. The Foe is ranked 17th. NiceGuy is at the restaurant with The Jerk and watches her instead of eating. His friend tells him to just go and reconcile but we have an obstinate here.

The Jerk decides for action and recruits his team: A bit of bribery here, a bit of blackmailing there…

…And Betty to transport the troops. Oska#2 says it’s ridiculous: NiceGuy and The Foe fight every day and should just break up. The Jerk tells him he is kicked out by his wife every day, so just shut up. Plus him and Timebomb have the power to transform the husband in ex-husband if he doesn’t behave. The husband offers to massage the driver’s shoulders. Hehehe. Just when they are about to cause an accident with their stupid games (The Jerk is ticklish!), a black car passes them at full speed: It’s NiceGuy, who finally gave in.

The Foe is now loudly encouraged by a horde of shameless men. Of course the confidence is magically back home and she ends at the 11th rank. Where is fluffy Deeno? she would like all that syrup.

Oska#2 is busy flirting with the second place (with a Keep Quiet Please sign in hand, LOLOLOL!!!) and a couple is back on track:

 Hugs and everything is forgiven. Squeee!!

Everyone gathers to drink, celebrate and release the pressure. NiceGuy apologize to his girlfriend for not having come to the hospital and Oska#2 tells him he shouldn’t brag about this.

Timebomb tells Oska#2 he said countless stupidities today: Really, he should shut his mouth. Someone suggests to invite DoomedGirl as well and The Foe proposes to call herself: She tells her NOT to come, cause the situation would become awkward. If someone else calls, she should decline the invitation. When I think I wanted to save her ass… Someone toss her in the ocean! Surprisingly, DoomedGirl says she will come: She has something to say that will clear all the misunderstandings for everyone. I have a bad feeling about this… 

When she arrives, The Jerk immediately sees the pink heels he gave her “to come to him”. The man has stars in his eyes: Surely she has good news to announce… Uh, oh. The boys start gently flirting with her and the conversation derails. DoomedGirl says NiceGuy must know he is popular with the girls: Even her had a crush on him not a long time ago.

She adds than to be honest, she had a crush on him before he met his actual girlfriend. At this point, the stars in The Jerk’s eyes are replaced by broken hearts. Or Kalashnikovs. DoomedGirl says her crush for NiceGuy is over: She’s only interested in The jerk now. Gasp! That confession sucks!

Does it look like a happy face?

Everyone thinks it’s another good thing to celebrate but The Jerk says he has to talk to her privately. Oska#2 warns them about the CCTV in the bathroom, once again out of line. Timebomb says they must find a way to save the sinking new/ex couple if they want to see DoomedGirl in the future. One cookie for you, smarty pants. The Jerk is absolutely furious and tells her he won’t accept a second insincere confession from her. He may love her one-sidedly but refuses to be used: She doesn’t have the right to play with his feelings in order to access NiceGuy’s heart. He feels betrayed and uses the dirty way to hurt her as much as he can: From the start, the only thing he wanted was sex. Now they are even. HEARTBREAK!! DoomedGirl explains she did this to save The Foe and NiceGuy’s couple and The Jerk replies he doesn’t care about universal peace: He loves her just a little bit, not enough to endure all those schemings and humiliations. Given the situation, his reply to her confession is: “We will never see each other again: I will do everything to avoid you and you will do the same.” 

He gets in his car and leaves her alone at the entry of the Club. That, my friend, is what you get for trying to kill 2 unrelated birds with 1 stone.

The Jerk hides in his office to lick his wounds for the rest of the night, watching pictures of DoomedGirl on his camera. She remembers all the sweet words and moments he gave her. She finally understands she loves him and breaks into tears in the bathroom. The soap bubbles burst with a sound of broken glass and The Foe knocks on the door, asking if she’s alright…

Life goes on. The Jerk does a final presentation for the Winter Park and becomes a workaholic. NiceGuy discreetly checks his friend’s phone and sees all the unopened messages from DoomedGirl. Not deleted = Some hope?

The Queen inspects her Art Gallery and is surprised by the music played on the speakers: Her husband is singing a beautiful ballad and plays the guitar for her in the security room. Omo! That crooner’s voice! One thing is sure: The heart of The Queen is touched…

In desperation, DoomedGirl goes to The Jerk’s office to speak to him. Fail: The man is still so angry than he is blurry on my screencaps. He doesn’t speak a word.

DoomedGirl waits for him all day long at the parking. He only shows his face at the window when she’s turning back to leave. Gah! We know you care! No need to do your Al Pacino face.

DoomedGirl gets back home and sees The Foe with the bouquet for her 1 year couple’s anniversary. She tells her she is searching for a new home, the sooner the better.

The Foe tells her to just stay. She still doesn’t have the money for the deposit anyway: She can’t win a single tournament lately and is seriously thinking about retiring and getting married. I can’t even tell if she’s joking or speaking her mind and that’s scary. The Foe asks if she can come with her to see the baseball match the day after and DoomedGirl agrees. *Friends Conspiration Alert*.

Timebomb packs his things for the match and tells The Jerk he will use his sunblock cream. He asks him if he REALLY doesn’t want to come. The Jerk says he doesn’t know: On one hand he misses the umpire girl, on the other hand he doesn’t want to see her face.

He finally decides to go but behaves hatefully: He didn’t wait for her to leave the parking yesterday, it’s just than his job is important for him. For her information he doesn’t care about her schedule at all. Mixed-up signals, sir.

Someone needs a good old school kick in the shin! 

Baby Fox and The Foe decide to tolerate each other. The Blue Cats are losing and everything is quiet on the field. Too quiet… Baby Fox starts her cheerleader spectacle, soon followed by The Foe. Their team doesn’t play better but the adversaries are bewitched: They drop their bats, stumble on their feet and can’t focus on the ball because of the 2 crazy sexy girls.

The gentlemen’s team wins and offer to buy dinner for everyone. Baby Fox catches the look of her brother and says she can’t come: She has something planned with friends. The restaurant scene has a strange Secret Garden feeling: Remember those warm stunt team gatherings?

Well, warm… Not for DoomedGirl who has to face a guy colder than ice. She tries all she can but he ignores her superbly. She finally decides to text him AND tell him he received a text: We need to talk!”

“Don’t flirt with me if you’re not going to sleep with me.”

WOW! 4 Possibilities:

- Olympic gold medal in blackmailing. The Jerk has become a BadGuy. Pffft.

- He wants to scare her big time and give her a shock to kick her out of his life. Bwahaha.

- He’s testing her sincerity and commitment. ♥

- He’s simply establishing the fact that he needs her RIGHT NOW and the next scene will take place at the residence hotel. ♥

To be continued…

Running off to see episode 10…


This episode makes me want to redo my own kitchen as well. Now I need to find a sexy guy who could hold the nails for me.

Do-jin is officially the King of skinship.

As I thought, there is no bad guy nor bad woman in that drama. Misunderstandings and tears have a lifespan of 15 mins. It’s the only predictable element in that drama and I LOVE it. Writer-nim, you rock!

I’m doing an experience: I’m putting all the tags recommended by WordPress. Let’s see what happens…