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Hot, hot, hot! Also, the 80′s have hacked this recap: You’re warned…

We start this episode with our gentlemen using their summer time for camping. Timebomb and Oska#2 can’t agree on how to set up their tent: Floor or foundations first? They want the specialists (architect and constructor) to do the job. NiceGuy says no way, he’s been the chauffeur all day and now he wants to rest. In exchange he promises to provide first aid if someone needs it later. The Jerk plays the perfect free rider: He is a designer, not a manual guy.

Funny, I remember someone building a mini bar with his little hands… The tent is finally up and Timebomb is quite proud of himself. Until he sees 3 extra pegs which won’t fit anywhere. As a responsible professional, he hides the proof of his incompetence under the rug. Men and their proverbial pride which prevents them to ask for help…

It’s time to eat and everyone rushes on the cardboard boxes full of yummies.

Not very nourishing…

Oska#2 says his motto in life is “Where there is women, there is food”. Mine: “Women are tired to save the world”. He decides to trade alcohol with the girls next door.

Fail: Other guys already came to them for the same reason and they have some fine wine for dinner. Chorus of laments continue but Super Jerk is here to save the day. How? By stealing the food? Hehehe. What a reputation! Since the adversaries for survival are playing basketball The Jerk proposes a match with food as the prize: He is known to be good in that discipline. Correction: You’re known to be a problem’s magnet.

The elders do some warm-up/showing off and it’s the most ridiculous thing ever. Something like a male version of this:

The match itself is of course a real massacre and I will conceal the details by decency. It ends with some sad music a la Ennio Morricone and a collapsing tent. The Jerk’s last victory was from 1994… “Aishhh..”

Sidenote: If you want some sexy sweating men I advise you (re)watch the cult handball scene of Top Gun. Rumor is, we could have a sequel/remake of that movie taking place in Korea. Iceman and Maverick in SK? Please! Make it happen! http://starseeker.com/2012-movies/top-gun-2-2012/

Flashback: We see the secret meeting between Oska#2 and Kim Eun-hee. He says she’s still beautiful like in his memory. “It’s the first love effect: You can’t see the ravages of time. On the other hand, my temper has improved.” She tells him she heard about the gang still hanging out together and he immediately replies he will stop seeing them if she wants that. Pfft, no loyalty.

Actually she would like to meet all the band but she has no time: She is here to retrieve her runaway son and she wants him to help. Weakest link spotted? Don’t like that girl! She tells him the kid will probably try to contact one of them and she wants him to report to her when it happens. Oska#2 agrees: They have a special relationship and he will help her with anything.

“I came only to see you. Could you please not tell the others?” What about asking W.H.Y?

The man is on cloud 9 and wonders how he can proceed to keep the secret: He’s the one she loves the most and he wants to shout it from the rooftops.

He laughs so much from happiness than he has to remove his anti-wrinkle mask. Please, stop! It’s pathetic to no end…

Summer games: There is a man on that picture. Can you see him?

Flashback2: The Jerk is seated at his reserved place and is the despair personified.

When he sees than DoomedGirl is watching him from the street he transforms himself into Super Jerk and walks out confidently. He gives a slow blink as a peace signal and the fan service sequence can start.

He calls her a strange woman: “Do you want to hear the line “I have nothing else to say to you” so much?” She replies she didn’t choose to like such a bastard: She waited for him an entire day and she felt pitiful! He asks if she really likes him and she says yes, a lot. She was just afraid to acknowledge her feelings cause she thought he would see her as an easy, fickle woman. She also would understand if he didn’t want her back and… The only solution to stop her blabbering is one of those infamous shut-up kisses. 


He tells her he loves that confession very much and goes in for a second one.

Fainted recapper here. Please dial 911.

They arrive at her house and simply stay face to face a long time. She nervously glances at her door and he enjoys looking at her with the most beautiful puppy eyes in the world.

Translation: “Would you please have the kindness to lead our way. I sincerely deserve some healthy adult activity today, preferably not in public. Always yours, The Jerk.”

DoomedGirl pretends to be dumb and blind and he decides to distract her: “When did you start liking me?” – Kim Joo-won™ – He wants to know what she likes in him, apart the fact than he is the most handsome guy in the country. I think we will have to enlarge the doors for your head… She cites all the confessions and sweet words. Also, she couldn’t resist that abandoned puppy behind the window. But what made her realize her feelings was the fear of losing him after the restaurant’s incident: The idea of him giving up on her was the trigger. He tells her than for him fear of rejection was in his heart since the first day they met. He reassures himself with a tight hug.

“Today we kissed and hugged. What will we do for our next date?”

“Holding hands? We didn’t do that yet…”

I think I heard bones breaking…

The romantic moment is interrupted by Baby Fox, back from her catastrophic date with Timebomb. She is upset and bitterly asks DoomedGirl why did she cry the other day if it was to end up with that guy. The Jerk asks if her teacher cried for real and she refuses to tell him. DoomedGirl replies things turned that way and asks for her support. Obviously, I’m not Korean: I absolutely don’t give a damn about what people can think of my choices in that field. 

Baby Fox says it’s OK but can’t rejoice at the sight of the happy couple. She even starts sobbing again and The Jerk has to be her knight in shining armor: He will take her home with Betty. Just buy a scooter and hit the road! ANNOYING brat! Talk about testing my patience… The Jerk tells his new girlfriend she better call him soon and he gets in the car.

“Did you make good use of the password I gave you for the house?”

Baby Fox pretends she forgot it and she doesn’t care anyway. He calls her a liar: He saw the gift she brought for the birthday. She takes her voice of pouting kid and says she doesn’t want to talk to him anyway. “Why did you get in my car then?”

He swears he is dating DoomedGirl seriously and she doesn’t have to worry for her friend. The kid knows that but is still in a bad mood. He proposes to take her to his home to see Timebomb: He is still good at the “I met her on the way” game. She tells him it wouldn’t work anyway: He clearly told her he didn’t want to see her anymore. The Jerk suggests a plan B: Being robbed and taking Timebomb as her lawyer. If she wants to see him everyday he knows by experience it’s an effective method. Baby Fox sarcastically replies she has better ideas: If he marries DoomedGirl this week, her oppa will have to come. Or maybe he could celebrate the birthday of a hidden son somewhere… I say let’s be crazy and have both, yeah!

They arrive at her house and stumble upon NiceGuy who’s hugging The Foe. “Why today everyone has to hug in front of me!”  The Jerk says he has no clue: Everyone seems happy and cuddling lately! Bwahaha…

NiceGuy doesn’t want to part with his girlfriend either but The Foe tells him it’s better for their couple if they miss each other in the morning. True, except if in the morning you receive a phone call of the morgue to identify you lover, darling. The hug keeps on and on and on… The Jerk says Baby Fox he has a new hobby lately: He could crash Betty in the trunk of their car to distract them if she wants to. Bwahaha!!! Congrats Super Jerk! My day was awful as well and I just spit my coffee on myself.

Before dropping Baby Fox he asks her to stop seeing her teacher for a while: He wants to date DoomedGirl properly and her schedule is packed. Warning annoying people to stay away seems like a good plan…

The day after, he effectively has his first official date with DoomedGirl and it’s not a peaceful one. Here comes the sweet revenge! :) He decided to have lunch with her at the school’s cafeteria because this way the rumor of them being together will spread like fire.

He could have done that but it’s not very elegant…

Of course, all the male students gather to whistle and compliment the lucky guy.

The Jerk suggests she get transferred in a school for girls only: She is too popular with male specimens. DoomedGirl wears her teacher hat and scolds the disrespectful students. It doesn’t stop the bravest one: “Surely you must have some skills to catch a hot man like him!”

The Jerk returns the compliment: He is a kid on the good way since women fall for honest and straightforward guys. Bwahaha…

She manages to drag him elsewhere but the ordeal continues. She even has to empty her drink in order to digest his last words: “I want you to be in a one-sided love with me… Did you think because I’m handsome and older I would not hold grudges?” :) 

Rules of a one sided-love :

1: Think about me constantly. Don’t sleep and don’t eat.

2: Be anxious and/or vexed when I don’t answer a call or a text message.

3: Become a stalker. Hang around my office and my house to catch a glimpse of me or meet me “by accident”.

4: Even if you want to touch or kiss me, stay away from the object of your desire and look at me with loving eyes. Bwahaha… That’s my favorite. He is so MEAN!!

5: If I talk to an other woman, be crazily jealous and forget ethical rules: Crush her with your car.

6: Find a way to obtain my pictures from elementary, middle and high-school graduation and keep them in your wallet wherever you go.

7: Come to my house unexpectedly and frequently, and make my heart flutter.

I’m sure he wrote the manual with the blood of NiceGuy…

DoomedGirl says it’s a bit strong: “What if I can’t do all that?”

“Then just come with me for a trip. I already told everyone to avoid you like the plague for the next days and Baby Fox knows you’re MINE.”

Bwahaha… I smell a kidnapping Secret Garden style in the air. Love you writer. :)

Baby Fox gets a phone call at work. It’s her mom who comes to have some news: Is NiceGuy still not married? Little sis tells her that’s exactly why he refuses to talk to her, she always bothers him with that question. She hangs up and falls on the first customer of the day, Timebomb. He doesn’t look at her in the eyes but watches her back when she’s preparing his drinks.

Is one for attorney Kang? He doesn’t reply but decides later to give them to his secretary. She asks why 2 and he has that cryptic answer: Just one is not enough but 3 is obviously one too many… Should we buy an Enigma machine to decipher your messages? Just say you’re tired to live alone but you don’t want to be a two-timer either, dammit!

Surprise! The new customer waiting in his office is Baby Stalker. He asks if maybe he remembers him. Sure! You want to steal her love interest… He tells Timebomb he came to have his advice on a problem: He is the only lawyer he knows. Timebomb tells him he is not qualified to counsel him for his romantic relationship with Baby Fox. Also, for the record he charges 500 $ an hour. Hehe! How to dismiss a rival AND get some info at the same time…

Baby Stalker smiles like a Buddha and tells him it’s not that. His problem is more interesting: He has 2 fathers. One raised him and the other is the biological one. He learned the existence of the latter only recently and of course there is no document to prove it. Now what he wants to know is if he can inherit from that man (if he is dead by any chance). What I want to know is why you are giving us so many lies (+ a death threat) in 1 minute: Just for a cover?

Café gathering: Timebomb starts to worry and confides his problem to Oska#2. Of course our spotter remembers the kid and asks what is the problem: Is he jealous of a kid because of Baby Fox? Timebomb says he came to get info from him, not to be grilled by him. “I’m not grilling you! The heat you feel is your guilt, my friend!” Bwahaha… The rest of the Rat Pack arrives and gets excluded from the conversation.

The Jerk asks the group if there is a chance for him to be recruited as a pitcher in the team next season. NiceGuy and Timebomb don’t catch the drift and Oska#2 has to explain everything: He doesn’t want that post because he is good at it but because this way he can face the (sexy) umpire. Poor guy is rewarded for his bright mind with the usual “shut-up and pour me a drink”.

A strange guy arrives and he seems very friendly.

For a reason NiceGuy tells everyone to keep their heads down. He pretends to be asleep but is betrayed and has to shake the hand of the loser. They finally hear the name of the guy and remember him all at once: He is the father of the young hostess who had to call them oppas at the club on an earlier episode.

LOLOLOL!! The guy offers to buy drinks to everyone. He also wants to see her daughter’s pic and it’s panic on board. The gentlemen flee the bar at light-speed. Hehehe…

DoomedGirl is busy at night, sorting out her underwear. She receives a message from The Jerk: A reminder of the 7 laws of an unrequited love. She finds it cute rather than annoying. We’ll see if that impression will last…

The Foe sees her and guesses she wants to choose the right set to impress The Jerk. In her opinion he is not the kind of guy who likes kitties on women’s underwear. *Buzzer sound*: He loves them and I find them cute so shut-up! The Foe decides to go and buy something sexier. She first picks an awful ensemble blue and leopard before turning to something better.

(Sorry, makes me want to puke…)  

They start having fun in the store. The game is: Which song matches the underwear’s “personality”. Problem is: They keep singing in the streets. These girls are nuts. I swear I don’t know them…

Timebomb takes care of his own laundry and sees the suitcase offered by Baby Fox. He keeps thinking about her and decides to reply with a text message when she begs to see him. He erases the message at the last moment and calls her instead to ask if she wants to see him now. Omo! Are my eyes deceiving me? Is the coward taking some kind of initiative?

He tells her he decided to treat her as an adult today and asks about her studies. She tells him she dropped Business Administration in the US because she wanted to design handbags. She also wanted to come back from abroad as fast as possible cause she missed him terribly. Uh… Doesn’t sound like adult decisions to me.Timebomb tells her it’s exactly her problem: She starts projects but never finishes anything. She only spends her time following him around. She should have dreams, something other than him as the center of her life. Amen and Hallelujah! Forgive me if I’m not Christian. Baby Fox tells him it’s OK to be rejected but he doesn’t have the right to judge her since he doesn’t know her yet: Her dream is to design bags but he is her priority cause he is her fate! He tries to fight her with her own arguments. He also values love and if their fate is to be together then she doesn’t have to worry about it: Things will happen. But it’s sad to define herself only as the lover of someone. She should start being selfish like everyone else does. He leaves her alone and in tears to ponder his words.

I must say I feel sympathy for her, it must hurt like hell. That said, she had to hear the truth.

NiceGuy comes back home and finds Baby Fox asleep at the doorstep. He is frustrated cause he can’t kill her or even shave her head. You can! just buy her a wig.

At the architect office, there is a debate going on about the Super Island Complex. NiceGuy tells The Jerk he has to go on location to check things by himself. The Jerk pretends to be sick: He doesn’t want to miss his date with DoomedGirl. NiceGuy gives him an imperative address and hour for departure.

Stupid! he is trying to help you with your date.

DoomedGirl heads to their office, radiant like a Venus. She’s in love and can’t help to notice all the couples on the street. Once arrived, she sends a text to warn her boyfriend: She’s following the rules and looking at him from a distance.

He tells her her loving eyes are convincing but she should join him anyway: He looks better in close range. Pffft. Breaking your own rules already?

She waits patiently and he starts teasing her innocently while giving instructions to his secretary: Did she came to see NiceGuy? He silently asks her to act the jealousy part since he is obviously talking to a woman right now. DoomedGirl doesn’t know how to react.

Is she supposed to throw her by the window? Bwahaha… The secretary tells her it’s allright: She heard the rumors about them dating. The Jerk says of course: He started the rumors so his poor secretary could fantasize over them making out in the emergency staircase.

???!!! *Epic jaw drop* 

The secretary leaves to die of shame somewhere and The Jerk walks confidently toward his girlfriend. DoomedGirl is shocked: They can’t do that in the office! The Jerk pretends he just wanted to grab his bag. That said, he has nothing against visiting the staircase if that’s what she wants…

[Insert evil laugh]

Later that day. NiceGuy and The Foe are busy buying vegetables.

Him: “What’s better? Sharp or round ending?”

Her: “Doesn’t matter. Pre-washed ones anyway.”

O.M.G! I’m trying to convince myself there is no double meaning, but…I JUST CAN’T!!!

The Foe is lazy and wants to eat outside while NiceGuy prefers cooking and be quietly at home. NiceGuy observes the customers. Someone wants to settle down and have a family…

He addresses the question while cooking for their couple date: His mother would like to meet her, at least once. The Foe doesn’t want to, absolutely not. He tells her to sit down to speak seriously and I just know it’s going to be nasty. He tells her he is the older son in the family… Didn’t she think about marrying him at all? She tells him she loves him but not the idea of marriage. She was very clear since the beginning of their relationship: No marriage, no kids. Golf is her priority. NiceGuy says she’s just making excuses: It’s like marriage would be the end of the world for her… What is clear for him now is that he shouldn’t date someone like her if he wanted to marry in the first place. NiceGuy: “You want to play? I want a family! Since I can’t see how we could compromise on that question, let’s split up.” 

Did you not see it coming?

Her phone rings and it’s a friend who wants to invite her. She tells the person to get drinks ready: She wants to drink like never before in her life. And here we go again with the self-destructive behavior… Bleh.

Going to their couple date:

The Jerk says she has a lot of self-control: She could hide her affection quite well today. She tells him she only likes him for now, too soon to say she loves him. The Jerk: “Like if I could believe such a lie…” She asks where they are going and he is surprised to see she didn’t know about the inauguration of the bar in her own house. Is she disappointed? Maybe she wanted to go to NiceGuy’s place? I think you will have to hear that line quite often… She’s scandalized and wants to turn up the music but the The Jerk stops her. Betty is ticklish: He is the only one who can push her buttons.

“Who do you like the most? Your car or me?”

Oh no!! Stupid girl, I’m going to kill you! He tells her he will give his answer when they are arrived: “Betty is listening…” :) :) :)

They arrive home but nobody’s here. DoomedGirl suspects a trap from her boyfriend. The Jerk says the evidences on the crime scene prove his innocence. Lucky she doesn’t know the masquerade played at the bar to fool Oska#2′s wife…  

He sees the oil in the frying pan and the beaten eggs and guesses they fought and left on the spot. A text message soon confirms the scenario. They decide to eat anyway and she suggests he put his jacket in her room to prevent food odors. She realizes too late she left something on her bed.

Bwahaha… Christmas is early this year.

She hurries to bury everything under her blanket and he feels cheated: He didn’t make his choice yet.

That said, he is relieved not to see corsets or garter belts: It’s so inconvenient to remove. *Blushing furiously* Poor girl has to use all her strength to drag him outside the room…

Back in the kitchen she scolds him: He should respect her privacy. He tells her she will be bored to death with a man who does just that. Hopefully he is a man of action.



He informs her his choice is #3. She asks from the left or from the right and he says there is no difference: 5 sets were exposed. She tells him to release her: The eggs are ready to be eaten. I’m not sure this is what he wants to eat right now…

I need something new to calm me down: Maybe reading the phone book?

They have a comfortable meal together: He eats and she watches him, finally noticing the pen recorder in the pocket of his shirt. To satisfy her curiosity he tells her he saves the files daily on his computer. Why do I feel like it’s something important for the rest of the drama? She tells him she listened to his files “My private life”: It was surprising and captivating. He knew she would like it and asks what was the point in liking NiceGuy when everyone could see she would fall for him in the end. She defends herself by saying she wonders what happened to the girl who tried her pink shoes. What was her name already? He tells her the only thing she has to know is that she was a student and not a teacher like her. She also wants to know about the girl who put her hands on his eyes and asked “Who it is?” at the café. He asks if he should print the list of all the girls he dated. DoomedGirl: “Whatever! You’re done eating so now just go!” The Jerk: “OK, where? For a trip together?” Pffft. I just love those 2. Looks like she’s not pretending but is really jealous since she shows him the door. Hopefully for the pride of Sir Jerk, a text arrives on his phone: Emergency!

NiceGuy is stewing at home, waiting for a call from The Foe. Baby Fox comes in his room and hands him her phone: Mom wants to know why he is still not married. If he refuses to answer she threatens to spill the beans about The Foe. Is blackmailing a national sport? I want to join a team! A text arrives on NiceGuy’s phone but it’s not the good one: Emergency!

Timebomb gathered everyone to solve the crisis: He has received the notification of The Queen. She will come to sign the divorce papers the day after. Apparently she said nothing about terminating their rental contracts. Everyone needs to make a living and she had second thoughts… Oska#2 doesn’t seem to realize the gravity of the situation, for him it’s just casual threats. Anyway he can’t say anything about the woman he previously met, it’s still a secret.

DoomedGirl is busy working (and googling The Jerk exes) when she receives a phone call: Baby Jerk is at the hospital. She assumes he had a fight once again but the truth is revealed: He was working and making deliveries with a motorbike. His boss is a woman that I will call the B***h Of The Year.

She doesn’t want to pay for the hospital and she informs Baby Jerk she will use his salary to buy a new motorbike. DoomedGirl can’t believe what she’s hearing. She introduces herself and tells the witch she should be careful: There are laws to protect underage workers. Did she have the consent of his parents to employ him? Other laws exist for night workers: Is she paying him accordingly? Also, surely she has a insurance for the motorbike. The witch asks why all those questions? Is she a trade unionist? Baby Jerk answers for her: “She’s my guardian.” DoomedGirl precises than she is also a teacher: She has to set an example and will report her to the nearest police station. The slug wants to bargain but is kicked to the curb so she could finish her discussion with her student.

“I love you teacher!”     —-    DoomedGirl: “You! Shut up!”

She wants to contact his parents and he tells her he never said he had some: His mom left the house one day and never came back. His dad must be drinking in a bar somewhere. He asks her to be his guardian for just one day. *Bookmaker taking bets here: Awful truth or man’s opportunity?*

DoomedGirl tells him nothing is free in this world. If she accepts, she wants something from him in return: “Good grades, nice personality or faith in your future. Just pick one.” He tells her he will think about it and asks to be left alone. Thick hard shell this one…

The Rat Pack is gathered at the lawyer’s office to discuss strategy. This time things are different and the guys don’t want to take his side. Oska#2 doesn’t understand why: If he falls, everyone falls. Ick… The Queen is eavesdropping at the door.

Is the necklace an indication of her emotional state?

NiceGuy says he really should think before speaking sometimes: If they have to leave they will move, no big deal. The rent will be revalued? So what? If they are here it’s to save his ass and his future. NiceGuy adds they helped him for their own benefits sometimes but what they want now is peace: Things have to change and he has to stop his ways. Basically he is a bastard to his wife who is in every field a great woman. They helped him because he is their friend but now they have to stop for the same reason. For his information, they already started searching other places for their businesses. They dealt with their problems, now it’s his turn to do the same. Oska#2 says he loves his wife sincerely and he will find a way to soothe her heart: He knows she is the only one who would keep a bastard like him as a husband.

ALERT! ALERT! Oh my gosh!!! The opened door, the moralizing speech, the heads down, the compliments for her… I just understood it’s a massive hoax to trick my favorite ahjumma! Hate you guys! :(

What I feared actually happened and Oska#2 warmly hugs his buddies at the café when they come for the report. He is impressed by their acting skills and I’m furious… He calls them the new Al Pacino. Kind of funny since I used that name in my recap for episode 9. Writer: Please stop scanning my brain, it gives me headaches. Thanks.  The guys tell him it’s the last time: Protecting the universal peace is an easy task compared to this. A text message from The Queen arrives on the phone of the unworthy husband.

“Nice show! Here is my rating:” 

BWAHAHAHAHA……… Everyone confesses all the time in that drama so here is mine: I love that woman. :)

The guys arrive at The Queen’s house with flowers and presents to be forgiven. They are freaking out like kids who would have stolen a candy. No need for that, the owner is not here.

DoomedGirl meditates over the Rules of an Unrequited Love. She picks one for the day: -Come unexpectedly to my house and make my heart flutter.- Of course, she decides to wear the pink heels. 

The Rat Pack is in collective depression at the Jerk’s house: No sign of life from The Queen. They change the topic of the conversation: Everyone wonders why NiceGuy and The Foe are fighting all the time. Just marry already. He tells them that’s exactly the problem. Oska#2 opens his big mouth once again and calls him a bad son. He is told to shut-up and gets bombarded with slippers as a bonus. Bwahaha…

The doorbell rings and it’s DoomedGirl who came to see her boyfriend. The Jerk looks a bit uncomfortable since his friends are also here. His expression changes when he sees a new head behind her.

“Hello everyone. I came to meet the four of you. I’m Kim Eun-hee’s son.”

To be continued…


I’m late, I’ m late… I know! For my defense it’s the longest recap I’ve ever written and there is a ton of pics. What do you think guys? I also want to watch episode 12 but I have to refrain myself to finish this. The good part of this: Less days to wait until episode 13. :)

Did someone notice than the safety pins disappeared from The Jerk’s jacket?