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 This drama,

Flashback – 3 years ago, the aptly named Timebomb had that wonderful idea: “Let’s quit smoking together!”.

Everyone watches NiceGuy suspiciously: They know he has a secret reserve. Everything is put into a bag to be trashed and the first signs of anxiety appear: Nails biting, shaking knees, smoking the straw of the drinks. We hear the voice of The Jerk narrating the full experience: They were so edgy and irritable than it was like a group of women having their periods. Little precision: Women don’t try to kill each other. Each guy decided to find his own way to cope with the withdrawal…

NiceGuy opted for the treadmill (Mission Impossible theme playing ♥) but ended up sniffing the guy next to him (who just smoked before coming to the club). First bwahaha! of the episode. The victim is still running around the world like Forrest Gump, completely traumatized. 

Timebomb chose the sweets. He ended up buried under unidentified cakes, candies and lollipops. He tried to smoke or extinguish everything which vaguely looked like a cigarette. Painful to watch. 

Oska#2 asked his wife to relieve his suffering. With some exercise. Rawwwrrr! The Queen, exhausted: “Just go to smoke!” People don’t know what they want…

Psychopath alert…

The Jerk chose indoor gardening. Hanbok, soothing music and all. It didn’t turn well for the plants: Leaves ripped out and crushed, some heavy metal music screaming from the speakers. Tobacco: Do It Yourself! Bwahaha…

Back to present – DoomedGirl arrives unexpectedly at The Jerk’s place for a “planned surprise”. She meets Baby Stalker at the elevator and recognizes the underage kid who crosses her path all the time. She asks if he lives here and he half-jokes: Maybe he should. She scolds him for going to clubs at his age: If he continues she will call his parents. Please do! It’s going to be fun! 

Both soon realize they have the same destination and The Jerk opens the door. DoomedGirl is dismayed by the presence of the Rat Pack: Her date just went down the drain.

No idea about who is the father of the kid! Really, there is no clue…

The Jerk escorts his girlfriend to the elevator: Someone more unexpected than her just came in town and he tells her he will explain things later. He doesn’t forget to compliment her before heading back to his home.

The question that everyone wants to ask is told and Baby Stalker says he was born in 1995. Counting with your fingers is forbidden. The 3 guys on the sofa say he was born 2 years after she left without a trace. Baby Stalker mentions the fact than it was a passionate love story.

The Jerk observes and listens from the rear lines. NiceGuy now wants to know how he met Baby Fox ( Oppa Protection Mode Activated). Baby Stalker tells the truth: It was in the plane coming from Japan. They ask if his mother is with him but he says no, he is travelling alone. Oska#2 can’t waste an occasion of saying something stupid: It’s obvious he is on the run and hiding from her. Guess what? You’re right! Timebomb finds the story suspicious: Given his age he should be in school. The kid has an answer ready for that: High-school education is not compulsory in Japan. He doesn’t beat around the bush and asks to be housed here since he is broke at the moment. Sure! A stranger arrives and they should welcome you with open arms? For what they know you could be a murderer… Your cute face doesn’t fool me!

He puts some honey on his words and tells them his mom talked a lot about them. The bait works and everyone fights to know if he was the favorite. *Facepalm*.

The Jerk tells Oska#2 to shut-up and says he will accept to help him: He can stay at the residence hotel. Baby Stalker is not happy: How can he stalk everyone if he is kept at bay? To infiltrate the gang he decides to go with NiceGuy: He is the one his mother liked the most. Too smart for his own good that kid…

DoomedGirl heads back home with questions and worries. Baby Fox is here and she asks her if she knows who is that Kim Eun-hee. Baby Fox first thinks she talks about the writer of Ghost (the currently airing drama with So Ji-sub) before realizing it’s her big bro’s first love. She knows the all story: The 4 guys were crazy for her when they were young but one day she left for the US without a word.

DoomedGirl starts assembling the puzzle pieces in her head and tells Baby Fox the son of that woman has surfaced. Baby Fox is also surprised. She doesn’t forget to apologize for the other day when she reacted coldly: She will support her relationship with The Jerk no matter what. Nice kid, here: A cookie. The Foe joins the conversation and DoomedGirl wants to know her version of the story.

The Foe gets defensive again: She knows about the woman who had a one-sided loved for her man, and now she should know about his first love? Yeah, I know… Being curious about the man you’re supposed to love is so old fashioned. She finds the whole “4 men for 1 girl” story stupid. Baby Fox snaps she must be pretty and a nice woman, not like her. The phone of DoomedGirl rings and it’s her mom. Like always, she doesn’t want to answer and goes to her room.

The Foe asks Baby Fox if NiceGuy is doing fine these days but can’t have an answer. Seriously! If you want to know, just call him. Why putting others in the middle? A text arrives on DoomedGirl’s phone and someone is deadly curious. It just says “Let’s talk”.

At home, NiceGuy shows the house to the new resident and Baby Fox is in for a good surprise. Baby Stalker calls her noona right away: He knows his honorifics when he wants to. Baby Fox is pissed off but can’t do anything. NiceGuy tells the guest her bad temper comes from her mother, the men in the family are spared. The brat has found a new hobby and puts “noona” in every sentences for her. She suspects a split personality disorder. Bwahaha… Should I call you Baby DoomedGirl? Overkill!

NiceGuy asks little sis if she saw The Foe when she was with her teacher but she refuses to answer. I wouldn’t either, they are exhausting those 2.

The Foe goes to practice her golf  but looks like it wasn’t a good idea. A junior as stinky as her tells her she should play baseball instead of golf: She looks like a man. Also, she should stay at home and retire. A fight starts and The Foe ends up with an eye injury.

Hopefully, The Queen is here to stop things before someone gets killed: She grabs the arm of the crazy girl and summons the President of the Club before chasing the unwanted spectators. Yeah!!! Super Queen saves the day!

She takes The Foe to see an ophthalmologist. It’s just a severe black eye and she will have to wear an eye patch. The Foe starts whining again: Now she can’t even cry like she wants to. Pfft. She asks The Queen why did she help her. *Facepalm on the lady’s behalf*. The Queen asks if she should have helped the stranger of the 2. She tells The Foe to take care of her health and leaves to have her own medicine. Uh oh…

Oska#2 takes advantage of his wife being away from home to retrieve personal possessions: Clothes from the dressing and herbal medicine from the fridge. He notices than his wife didn’t touch her own vitamins the last days.

Does he know what it is for, at least? He knows: It’s a tonic and it also helps improving fertility. OH…. Aww. He asks if she wants to drink one of hers now but she tells him to just scram. Once the door shut she can’t stop the tears.

No! Don’t cry… :(

Architect’s office: The Jerk remembers the early years with Kim Eun-hee. NiceGuy arrives and tells him to stop thinking about her: He knows that look because he saw it on the faces of all the guys who wanted to jump in the Han river. The Jerk tells him he went there more often than everyone else so he better avoid the subject. Touché!


He wants to know how things are going with the kid and NiceGuy tells him he acts like if he were part of the family. He is still a little bothered and wonders if he should call his mom. The Jerk replies he wouldn’t hide from his mother in the house of her friends. Anyway, they erased her number from the phone of Oska#2 so no one can contact her if the kid doesn’t want to. The Jerk tells his friend to make babies if he loves children so much. NiceGuy loves the idea but the “mother” not. He leaves to work on a construction site and The Jerk informs him he accepts to go to the island to revise the plans for the resort. He checks his phone to see if DoomedGirl called, but no. Not that she doesn’t want to…

Baby Jerk comes to give back the book he had to transcribe to her beloved teacher. Well, it’s a new book, since he wanted to keep hers for himself. She asks if his boss payed him his salary and he is vexed: She should ask about his health before the money. She wants to know if he took a decision about how to pay her back for her help. All he can do for her is being her boyfriend. She says why not, if he wants a second broken arm: He should have heard the rumors about her boyfriend by now… Hehe. 

At night, DoomedGirl is insomniac and stalks her phone. Finally the message arrives: The Jerk is waiting outside her house. She scolds him for being silent all day and he is happy to see she is respecting the ” obsession rule of a one-sided love”. If she was so anxious and angry she should have called him first. When she tells him he is the bad guy in that story he asks her to come and walk with him. If she doesn’t want to, there is always “the trip” as a solution to reconcile. Always the last word that one. :)

They walk hand in hand and he explains to her who is that Kim Eun-hee who almost destroyed the friendship between them. She asks if she’s really his first love and he says it’s silly: People have their first love at 12, not 20 years old. She wants to know if he has forgotten her and of course he says it’s impossible. The words hurt her more than expected and it shows on her face. To cheer her up he says he will remember her and her bottom less dress in 20 years from now. She feels better and he is disappointed: Her jealousy is cheap. “I crashed Betty for you!”.

She tells him she’s the winner anyway since she is part of his present now. Why being jealous? He wants her to be in his future too and she can only guarantee that for the next minute. He disapproves her behavior: Playing hard to get is not a rule of the One-Sided Love Manual. She asks about Eun-hee’s son and he tells her he decided to go with NiceGuy cause he was the one his mom loved the most. DoomedGirl says it’s logical: All the girls including herself fall for him.


She repairs her mistake with a surprise kiss on the cheek and The Jerk gets on fire.

She falls asleep on her bed and tells him to go before The Foe hears them. He tells her it’s her fault if he can’t leave: A surprise kiss has consequences and he will need to  caress her hair for hours in order to release the tension. RAWR!!! 

She tells him she will love him even when he’s old and with a sticking tummy and The Jerk takes that as a signal for cuddling. He pushes her on the side of the bed and makes himself comfortable. She pushes him away and he tells her to stay quiet: She’s the noisy one here. “Would you prefer a trip with me?” YAH!

He gently places his arm under her neck: He will leave when she’s asleep. Her heart beats loudly and he can’t help but teasing her:

Him: “I like the fact that you’re fresh and innocent”.

Her: “You never thought I could pretend to be innocent?”

Him: “I would be fine with that too”.

Unconditional love alert!

She asks him to guarantee his love for her will last at least one month and he agrees. He will tell her his new projects after that. She wants him to go now cause she’s a light sleeper but he won’t move. He uses his deep soothing voice to help her falling asleep and whistles his admiration: It’s indeed possible for her to fall asleep with him beside her. LOL! 

Before leaving the room he steals the ball of yarn from the unravelled dress.


The Foe is busy rolling an egg on her black eye when NiceGuy calls to say he is waiting outside. She tells him she doesn’t like him anymore and they broke up anyway so she doesn’t want to see him. The Jerk gets out of the house like a thief and falls on his friend. He precises he is dating the OTHER woman living here, so no misunderstanding please. NiceGuy says he knows: He is here to end the cold war with HIS woman but it doesn’t work.

Women are difficult to deal with here. For him the design of that house is the problem. The Jerk retaliates: It’s the construction which sucks.

Next morning, Baby Fox finds Baby Stalker quietly installed in the living room. NiceGuy is not here and the “noonas” have magically disappeared from his sentences. She can’t take it anymore and orders him to tell the truth: How is he related to her brother and what is his goal exactly. She suspects him of following her from the beginning for an obscure motive and he calls her a paranoid. “Just because youre paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you”: Joseph Heller. He tells her to be careful: Her anger for him could become love. Heee. Her phone rings and it’s Timebomb. She greets him with a “yeobo seo?” (hubby is it you?) instead of a yeoboseo (hello?). Baby Jerk finds that utterly amusing.

Timebomb tells her to pass the phone to the kid: He has to talk to him and will come to their house for that. Pfft! Everyone knows it’s a fallacious excuse to see HER. When he get there, Baby Stalker can’t help teasing him: He didn’t know lawyers made consultations at home in SK. :) :) Now people, if you don’t know who is the father, I can’t do anything more for you…

“Noona is mine…”

“I said MINE!”

They go to a room to discuss quietly and Timebomb raises his voice to reach Baby Fox: They don’t need her to stay behind the door.

Busted properly!

He wants to see the passport of Baby Stalker but the kid refuses: It’s an invasion of privacy. He wants to know if he really is born in 1995 and the kid asks why: Does he think he could be his son?

Timebomb wants to know how long he will stay in Korea but he doesn’t know yet: He will leave when he has the answers to his questions. Until then, his lawyer better apply the professional confidentiality, for his own interest. Hehehe… It’s not even my problem and I want to strangle him. Timebomb doesn’t like the idea of Baby Fox alone at home with the weirdo and he offers to drive her to her workplace. Of course she accepts and spends her time spazzing and giggling in the car.

To cool her down he asks if she thought about their latest conversation. She actually thought about it a lot and has an interesting theory: He was harsh to hurt her feelings and discourage her. She couldn’t think about anything else than him since then, so she decided it’s the best strategy to make someone crazy about you: She will use the method on him. Bwahaha… WHAT? She calls him ahjussi and tells him he is average looking before getting off the car.

Poor Timebomb is at loss for words for the second time in a day. Kids don’t respect elders anymore…

Coincidence: Baby Stalker has an appointment at the café with Oska#2.

Oh! That shirt… My eyes!!!

They exchange news politely, basically about what’s happening in each household. Oska#2 wants to know if NiceGuy was really the favorite of Kim Eun-hee. Duh! Move on man. You have a wife now! Like everyone else he wants to have the phone number of the mom but the kid doesn’t want to tell him: He perfectly knows he will refuse to meet him again once he has it.

The puppeteer knows what he’s doing…

At The Foe’s place, NiceGuy is fed up with holding a siege. He is about to demolish the door. She asks DoomedGirl for help but it doesn’t work: He has seen the light in her room and her car in the street.

One day if I have nothing better to do I will count the epic fails in that drama… The Foe wears some sun glasses to hide her black eye, resigned to her fate. NiceGuy is shocked and asks if she had plastic surgery. Or was she beaten by a man? She tells him the truth about the fight and asks to go talking in his car: She doesn’t want to break up in the street.


Like previously she uses golf as the excuse for not wanting to marry him. And I say BULLSHIT!! You’re just a coward afraid of living in couple seriously. Anyway, NiceGuy leaves her in the street and promises to never come back for her. I don’t believe him for a second but it’s still good to hear. 

Next scene is a masterpiece of fan service. The Jerk is excited: It’s the weekend! He tells Timebomb he is going to the coast for work but if everything goes according to plan, he will spend a memorable night there. Happiness Bathrobe Mambo!

In my next life I want to be a razor…

DoomedGirl is already waiting for him in front of her house and her first words are “hello Betty”. She tells The Jerk than even if they break up, she wants to stay friend with his car. By the way, she also wants to befriend his house.

She wants to know where they are going today but it’s a surprise. *Evil grin*. He finally tells her it’s the famous trip 2 days 1 night he wanted so much.

Her: “Betty, stop!!!”

Him: “Betty! On the highway!!!”



The trip happens to be a business trip: He is here to see the landscape and meet the man who will make the Island Resort possible. Of course, he is happy to show that glorious side of him to his girlfriend.


She finds him cool indeed and wishes they had met earlier in their lives.


Dinner time. He wants to know what is the house of her dream, to know her better. The answer is sad: A house that no one would want to leave. People would come back to it no matter what. The Jerk says he will build one for her in Gangnam: It’s expensive and prices rise so fast than no one will want to leave, ever. The dinner ends and she wants to know what’s planned for now.


The place is a hotel-restaurant so logically the next step is the bedroom. She’s not exactly against the idea but soon remembers what underwear she chose in the morning. Horror! Casual and mismatched! She gives the excuse of being a teacher to get back home for the night. (??? Does not compute. The man is hot as hell! I would drag him in the corridors! Who cares about an offending piece of fabric. It’s a good excuse to get naked faster.) As a punishment, he tells her to take the wheel: He is sad and tired suddenly. It’s also a good way for her to know Betty since she likes her so much. Bleh. That revenge is not cruel and twisted enough! I protest!

She parks Betty in front of her house and observes The Jerk sleeping like a baby through the window. He really is sleeping this time. He finally wakes up and rolls down the window:

“Live with me… Come live with me. We’ll be happy, I promise.”

To be continued…

If the answer in next episode is no, or maybe or under conditions, I fly to Korea to kick her ass!


- First: Cigarette addiction is nothing compared to my addiction for this show. And I checked: No warning about this at the beginning of the episodes. This show is full of all kind of (good) things I swear, and now we have the funniest no-smoking campaign ever? My addiction killed me.

- Kim Eun-sook and “How to turn the tables”: Baby Fox pissed me off to a degree in the previous episodes! And now she’s back in my good graces with her smart little brain and cute little face. I give up! Oppa will never get rid of her. Just buy the ring already.

- This drama should be used for an Angel’s Letter adoption campaign. All our gentlemen and gentleboys should be able to curb the declining birth rate in SK, no? I searched for pics and look what I’ve found:

Shouldn’t you find your own dad before having kids? Just sayin’…

- Finally, a few screencaps of the NGs, in case people would think the atmosphere is gloomy on the set…

No… I won’t laugh. I refuse…

- Sidenote: I corrected the name for Kim Eun-hui (the subs I had until now were not accurate): It’s Kim Eun-hee. Changes are made for the previous recaps.