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The motto of this episode is: “Nothing will succeed today!”

For the characters and for myself…

Flashback – The Jerk remembers how the boys dealt with partings and broken hearts when they were students.

Oska#2 dumped by a girl? The friends told him to drink first and find a new girl next. They even volunteered to plan a blind date for him. When it was the turn of Timebomb, the solution of the new girlfriend was still trendy. Soju could have been effective if he could handle it. Talk of a violent head desk… When it happened to him, the poor Jerk couldn’t even have the consolation of “drink and date a new girl”: His sacred misery was torpedoed by a baseball match starting on the TV of the bar. No one has been abandoned so quickly in history (Secret Garden music in background^^).

The epic fail of consolation was for NiceGuy and his military service departure. No girlfriend’s shoulder to cry on and 3 clingy buddies who thought only about taking advantage of the situation: Getting his ID to access alcohol, his bed to get warm and his watch… Because apparently soldiers don’t need one. Poor NiceGuy almost threw himself under a train to stop the humiliation. Bwahaha… Epic fail galore! 

Return to the present – The Jerk proposes to live together. DumbGirl DoomedGirl says no and acts like she’s been offended: They just started dating! Once the door closed, she can’t help but do a happy dance. Pfft… Recapper still not happy. 


She tells the good news to her roommate who, as a perfect friend kills her enthusiasm: She broke up with her boyfriend because of the same proposal. She stays cryptic about the reasons but says it was in his interest. DoomedGirl tells her than noble idiocy is never well received by the other side. Hear! Hear!

Ethic teacher at school – She sends a text message to all her students to tell them they should behave while taking their exams: No cheating or improper behavior allowed. 1°: My teachers would have to do the Olympics before getting my phone number. 2°: And the students should care more because? 

Annoying teacher comes to complain to her: Baby Jerk has given WTF answers for his test and obviously doesn’t care about his future. DoomedGirl checks the test sheet and realizes he wrote down the last page of the book he had to transcribe. She is impressed by the fact than he actually read it. He is the new Will Hunting I tell you… Or he only read the last page effectively. :)

Bar of the gentlemen: The Queen is alone at the counter and HotBar looks at her suspiciously. Her familiar face strikes him when he looks at the poster “Wanted!” behind the cash register: The dreaded wife!

I don’t want to be rude but 1.65m and 42 kg??? Never noticed she was anorexic… 

She gives her card to buy bottles in advance: She likes the place and wants to come back to have long conversations with the *manager* barman. LOL! Who asked for her to become a cougar already? Oh yes… My readers.


Oska#2 receives a text which warns him about the presence of the enemy. He asks Timebomb to help him escape but attorney Kang who has her claws on her boss refuses to collaborate: They will go drink elsewhere and he will have to wait for her departure alone. Oska#2 supremely dislikes the attitude of the woman and calls the specialist of “Let’s crash the party!” to have his revenge.

 Baby Fox accepts the contract and finds the bar where they went. Guess she knows their habits or she tracks their phones with the GPS function. Attorney Kang has some valid points on the discussion: He is a coward who doesn’t reject Baby Fox formally but instead pushes her a little bit. Which is like an invitation. Yep ma’am! He practices what ethologists horsemen call the “join-up” without knowing it. Did I compare humans with horses? Yes, absolutely. We call ourselves evolved but human psychology is not that complicated. 

Anyway, Baby Fox plays the provocation card very well. She tells the ahjussi at the next table to mind his own business: If she wants to empty a bottle of soju all by herself on an empty stomach, it’s her right. I remember suddenly than Kdrama laws give me the right to throw a glass of water at your face… She gets up from her table half-drunk and starts talking to attorney Kang: Does she love her boss or not? Because she loves him and finds the situation unfair. When Timebomb leaves his place to subdue her, she pretends to fall unconscious in his arms. The maneuver doesn’t fool anyone but it must be a lawyer’s reflex: He takes her to his car so she could sober up. When she is certain he won’t try anything (disappointment!) she wakes-up suddenly and asks him to drive her home. Sure! You crashed his date, lied to him to seduce him and he has to be your chauffeur? *Pinching myself! I must be dreaming!*

Of course he accepts like a well raised puppy and what had to happen actually happens: They arrive at the same moment than NiceGuy. Timebomb apologizes like if he were a criminal and leaves to join his “wife” at home, The Jerk. Pfft.

The explanation between Big bro and Lil sis occurs and it makes me want to pull my hair. He is against their relationship because of the age gap but also because he is a widower.

“As your brother, I can’t agree to both of you being together: His past is not acceptable. Also, friendship and loyalty are our common values and he will always choose me over you. Next: Love is not the most important thing in life for a man of 41 years old. And finally, I know he won’t be happy with you. ” Oh… Really? So why those threats?

OK. I hope no one prude is reading this because I’m going to swear like a drunken bushwhacker:

Dear “NiceGuy”,

Fu** Yo*!! You and your moral code of 2000 BC! THEIR relationship is not your fu****g business. SHE IS LEGAL AGE!!!!!! You cuss and curse every time so I’m not going to refrain myself. I hate sticking girls but ten times more control freaks. You need a therapy, Sir! 

At this point, both of you need to live separately. Friendly,


Baby Fox starts crying again *putting ear plugs*, but this time we have a witness: Baby Stalker heard the all discussion. He better get useful that one, instead of messing with everyone’s life.

In the next scene, we see a happy Jerk singing like a bird. He is busy cutting the stolen ball of yarn and gluing the pieces, supposedly for a new creative proposal. Timebomb congratulates him for being selected in the Blue Cats baseball team: NiceGuy is not in a good shape to play these days and he can take his place. Looks like a man’s crisis is a man’s opportunity too…


Oska#2 has been selected too (against his will) and now both men have to buy clothes and equipment. Shopping time! The Jerk pretends he accepted the position to help a friend in need but smart brain doesn’t buy it: He knows it’s for the eyes of the umpire (sounds like the title of a James Bond movie…). The Jerk says he is almost as good in baseball than he is in basketball and Oska#2 says he must prepare himself for series of defeats then. Question: Can the girlfriend of one of the players be an umpire? Is it against the rules if she transforms herself into a cheerleader in the middle of a game?

Mango 6 café – The Foe is meeting the caddie of her dreams and is rejected again. He tells her the cause of her bad results is not body related or technical. The problem here is mental: She’s stress sensitive and she needs to learn how to focus. She should stop scandals and endless CF’s shootings and replace them by a good training. Baby Fox wants to meddle in the conversation but it doesn’t help of course. For someone of the high society, her manners and education are really lacking. Can women be sent to military?

When she leaves, The Foe gets a phone call of her bank manager: She needs to find a solution for her debts, quickly.

DoomedGirl is at home, doing a hair removal session. I would personally do it in my room but the script needs it to happen in the living room. The Foe enters first and clears her throat to announce she isn’t alone:

DoomedGirl pretends it’s a hairdryer because of course drying your legs is a much less ridiculous activity. The Foe offers to prepare some coffee and the 2 women start a conversation in gestures when he doesn’t look at them.

I’m sure he is biting his tongue to stay serious…

DoomedGirl shakes the cushions and complains about the dust before retreating in her room. The Jerk excuses himself: Wherever his woman goes, he has to follow. He doesn’t forget to inform The Foe about her ex boyfriend: He is super athletic these days, thanks to her. Maybe she could check by herself?


DoomedGirl scolds her boyfriend for coming without calling and he tells her he understands: Even if he is tortured he will insist on the fact than the hair removal was a hairdryer. He kisses her hand to be forgiven and she surprises him with a kiss on the lips. Much better. He feels frustrated and gives her a hug: The golfer of the house would be well inspired to leave now and give them some privacy. He tells her he is part of the Blue Cats now and she’s not sure it’s a good idea: She will criticize his game all the time. He agrees on dropping baseball only if she agrees on living with him. Blackmailing, always. Her phone rings and she tells him to wait outside. He obeys but recalls her they have a dinner scheduled at the H Hotel. When she gets out of her room, her face is livid. She tells him the call was from her group of teachers who wants to have a drink with her nearby. He plays along knowing than it’s just a lie and asks if it’s a man. He offers to drive her to him but she prefers to walk. She promises to call him back once it’s over. So, basically you lied to him (badly) and screwed your date. Sorry but if I were him I would be upset AND disappointed.

Of course, The Jerk follows her and observes the meeting from his car. 2 men in elegant suits are waiting for her with a cold and arrogant attitude. They tell her they have news about her mother but she refuses to have this conversation: Her mother lost her as a daughter when she left home. Plus, she raised her only for 12 years and them for 24 years: If they want to call her a mother, so be it. One of the half-brothers is vexed, the other one more sympathetic.

Once outside the café she crumbles and starts crying. The Jerk squats in front of her and wipes her tears. He clarifies the situation: He didn’t come because he was jealous but because he was worried. He remarks the men were dressed in expensive suits so if there is one thing he knows for sure, it’s the fact that they are not high school teachers. He gently asks what’s the problem but she can’t speak. He doesn’t pressure her but offers to listen and help whenever she feels ready to confide in him. What she wants now is the dinner and he promises to lift her mood.

NiceGuy decides to try a new hairstyle to commemorate his break up. The woman beside him is going through the same ordeal and they decide for the same: Starting fresh = short hair.


He also drowns his sorrow in alcohol meticulously while Oska#2 and HotBar are busy discussing management. Basically, the boss uses a Ponzi scheme to pay the salaries: When the café makes some money he pays the employees of the bar and vice versa. His wife as a providential client is also helping even if he still wonders: Does she know he is the owner or not? I bet my house she knows. Someone wants to play with me?

Oska#2 can’t take it anymore and comes to sit in front of his friend: “Find a new woman to forget the older one! Want me to set you a blind date?”

NiceGuy: “Shut-up.”

Some things never change…

NiceGuy wants to know if he is happy now than he is married and the answer is yes. At least no one bothers him with the catchphrase “Go and marry already!”. NiceGuy finds funny the fact than he was the first one to marry when obviously he wasn’t the one who wanted it the most. Cocky guy says it’s because he is good-looking. Pffft.

NiceGuy: “Your poor wife has really bad luck with men…”

Oska#2: “I agree on that”.

Bwahaha… The beginning of a solution appears when you acknowledge the problem. Fighting!

Oska#2 tells him to forget The Foe: It’s not like he can force her to marry him if she doesn’t want to. The “blind date and meet other girls” solution is still valid. NiceGuy knows that too: His problem is that his heart only belongs to one woman, unlike for someone else…


He leaves the bar and goes to hit balls to relieve the frustration. The Foe watches him from afar. I say lock them in a room with a baseball bat and a golf club and see what happens.

Baby Stalker wanders in the house and rummages to find clues about who is his father. “Search your heart, you know it to be true…” When he hears someone typing the pass code he rushes on the mop holder and pretends to be cleaning. He greets NiceGuy and Baby Fox with his usual obsequious tone. Noona tells him to stop the comedy: The mop is dry. He replies he knows: He is removing the dust BEFORE cleaning. YEAH… Sure! The robot vacuum-cleaner near the door must be there to embellish. People, I’m begging you! Don’t lie if you don’t know how to do it properly.

A bit later, the Rat Pack is gathered for lunch and NiceGuy tells everyone he wants to send back the kid to Japan, there is just something wrong with him (amen!). Timebomb thinks the same but Oska#2 disagrees: They have no heart.

Oska#2 misses his home and wife and decides to blackmail Baby Fox: If she refuses to call his wife he will use all the towels at home and stop giving her infos about her oppa’s schedule. The spy goes to meet The Queen and clumsily tries to defend the cause of her husband: He became an angel lately.

“Did he trapped you or did you change sides?”

The phone of the dismissed spy rings and it’s Baby Stalker who calls because he can’t find the hairdryer. He also wants her to get back home early today. Can we give him the hair removal device instead? I literally want to see his head after use. Hehehe… Baby Fox tells him to search everywhere and stop calling her for such futilities: He is not her husband! The Queen wants to know if it was her boyfriend but she says no. It’s just a weirdo, supposedly the son of the first love of her oppas. The Queen asks if that first love of them is called Kim Eun-hee and then convenes her husband for a questioning:

“Is the kid your son?” 

Oska#2 swears he is innocent. He decides to join the majority: The kid has become a problem for him and he has to leave the country. Still, Baby Stalker is the only one who has the phone number of his mom: All means necessary are allowed to obtain it.

Baby Stalker is in for a grilling session and plays the card of the poor little kid: He thought they genuinely loved his mom.

The Jerk: “Your mom was our first love. Not you.”


The kid has no escape and tells them he will leave the country the day after. The Jerk tells him to spend his last night at the residence hotel since he already packed his stuff. Once arrived, Baby Stalker use the occasion to ask him about his relationship with his mother: Did he love her sincerely? The Jerk eludes the question: He is not going to talk about his life with a kid. Baby Stalker tries a new approach: Who was the one her mom loved the most? The Jerk tells him he shouldn’t judge her own mother: They were the ones who chased her because she was pretty to them and she did nothing wrong. Why do I feel like someone is lying here… The Jerk tells him to stay quiet for the night and informs him he will drive him to the airport tomorrow.

The kid uses the few hours at his disposal to consider his situation: If NiceGuy is his father, then Baby Fox would become his aunt. Not cool indeed. If it’s Oska#2: “Brrr. Let’s not think about it…” Bwahaha… If it’s Timebomb, it’s OK since he already likes the possible step mom. Now, if it’s The Jerk: “I think we could get along…” I think there will be blood on the walls, that’s what I think.

Timebomb sees The Jerk still busy with the red ball of yarn and remarks he changed a lot lately. His friend agrees: He is serious about Ethic Teach and proposes to her every time they meet. Timebomb tells him he was jealous of NiceGuy before but now he is jealous of him: Can he be his lover in their future life? The Jerk shudders and almost starts setting up barricades around his desk.

When he comes to pick up DoomedGirl at school, he actually saves her from the annoying teacher. The witch is sure she’s been dumped by the handsome man and absolutely wants her to meet her brother in law for a blind date: He is a good man who doesn’t care about women’s look. Is he a caveman or is he gay? Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to insult you… 

*Drooling in Technicolor*

Hopefully, the sight of Betty and his driver makes her shut her mouth. He helps DoomedGirl with her safety belt and she is mistaken once again. Why, were you waiting for a kiss?

They go to eat at a restaurant and she starts teasing him: It’s a miracle if his company survives because he spends more time with her than at work. He replies than if she wants to help him with his schedule he has the perfect solution: “Let’s live together.” When she says no he tells her she shouldn’t worry about what he could think: He is aware of the ambivalence of women and tolerates well people who change their point of view. A word stronger than “smooth talker” please?

A man enters in the restaurant, followed by a band of admirers. DoomedGirl acknowledges him right away: “Uri Yong-hwa!” It triggers the jealousy of The Jerk: Is she one of those ahjummas who can’t wait for the return of Binnie from the army? She tells him Yong-hwa is a beloved hallyu star and she wouldn’t mind flirting with him. In fact, she’s going to give it a try now.

The Jerk wants to know if she ate poisoned food. LOL!! She waves her hand and the star comes immediately: He looks happy to see an ancient teacher and compliments her: She didn’t change at all. Student and teacher starts talking and The Jerk gets excluded.

He starts commenting every word aloud with harsh criticism. When she tells the star she sings his songs all the time, The Jerk confirms: It’s that song with “Blue” in it. Oups, sorry… It’s from Big Bang, not CN blue. Bwahaha… Burn! The hallyu star leaves but not without giving a murderous glance to his adversary. He tells his teacher to quit the guy: He is just a loser obviously. The Jerk doesn’t want to eat anymore and starts pouting.

They leave the restaurant and DoomedGirl insists: She doesn’t want to live with him. She wants to date innocently: Surprises, pounding hearts, anticipation of their reunions. I didn’t know both things were incompatible… 

He replies she would have to teach him then cause dating innocently is certainly something new for him. Dating for him means kissing his girlfriend leaning on his car while for her it means holding hands and staring at each other. I love his version better but I’m not against the second one.

The Foe can’t find anyone to lend her some money and she can’t find a buyer for her car either. She decides to play her last card: The Queen. She asks to meet her and tells her she came with great news.

The Queen: “Do you have proofs about my husband cheating on me?”

The Foe tells her it’s even more shocking: She needs to borrow money from her. A LOT of money. The Queen is not disappointed. But why coming to her when she could  have that money from her boyfriend without even asking? Is it her pride speaking? The Foe says it’s exactly that and asks her to let her pride alone if she rejects her request. The Queen chooses to give her the money: She is bored these days and wants to be an annoying little brat for a while. She tells The Foe to enjoy her last day of tranquility today and brace herself for what’s coming.

Bwahaha… *Rubbing hands* 

The Foe gives the keys of her car as a collateral and secretly hopes it will diminish her torture session. Keep dreaming… :)

On the next morning, The Jerk comes to pick up Baby Stalker and drive him to the airport. Too bad, the kid has vanished already.


The Rat Pack gathers at the café to decide on their next move. Of course, the kid doesn’t answer his phone. Oska#2 thinks he didn’t want to leave the country because he fell in love with a girl. He asks Baby Fox for confirmation. She replies she doesn’t know about that but what she knows is more interesting: This morning he called her and asked if people would give money to a poor musician playing in the streets. She said yes and told him to try the Hongdae park. The gentlemen grab their jackets and rush in the street.


Baby Stalker waits for the spot to be free (cameo of Juniel) and starts singing. He also plays guitar well and rapidly people form a circle around him. The gentlemen finally find him and come to the front. The song ends and people leave. They scold him for worrying them and he tells them they arrive right on time. He drops his bomb: “I came to South Korea because I heard one of you is my father. Who will claim the title?”


To be continued…


I won’t beat around the bush: This episode is for now the weakest for me. Plot wise, nothing much happens and it’s a bit of a repetition of what we saw on the previous weeks. I guess my feeling is enhanced by the fact than the episodes 11 and 12 were absolutely awesome.

My gut feeling is that this episode was written ex nihilo for the cameo(s) and squeezed between 12 and 14. Sorry for the fans of CN Blue and Jung Yong-hwa but the cameo fell flat for me: I’ve always found ridiculous the idea of a mature man being jealous of a kid, it just doesn’t work. Timebomb being jealous of Baby Stalker? Same sentence. In my defense, I am absolutely not a jealous person in the first place.

Sidenote: The songs were beautiful but obviously lip-synched. A big studio sound in exterior sounds hum, hum…

Baby Fox: I don’t know if she has extra lacrimal glands or 9 tails like a gumiho but the constant crying and stalking are getting old, really. Let the couple try something and fail (happiness = probability of 10% for me) or just separate them completely and let them start a new life. I’m fine with both options. Another one: Let me drown her in the Han river. I’m sure I could ask a medal for that.

*Who is the father question* is now public and THAT is interesting. Whatever the answer is, it will modify the dynamic of all the relationships  (Rat Pack and couples).

DoomedGirl refusing to live with such a hot guy? *Suspension of disbelief on the max*. Life is short and pride is overrated.

Obviously, the next episode will be the darker of the drama. Prepare tissues, chocolate and fragrant candles to fight the stress.