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Will it snow for Christmas? Not here! 13°C on the last forecast…

Firstly, I wish a lot of happiness to all my dear ones and readers: A good health, a lot of love from friends and family, and a good job.

Secondly, I wish a lot of fantastic surprises to all of us, and a minimum of bad news. It’s like a lot of people I know are searching for something in order to give a sense to their life but they are unable to say what exactly. I would say asking the question is already part of the solution: Just do what you like people, life is too short to do something unfulfilling. And if my word is not enough to recharge you in willpower energy, I have a wild card: What would Anthony do?

Ask the Heavens…

Deal with the bastards.

Move your butt to get the girl (or the man or whoever) of your life.

Savor the victory.

Now than my duty is done, let’s see what I wish for 2013 specifically. This blog needs to be fed you know…


- More films like Life of Pi. There are tons of quality inspirational books which could become good movies. Producers: Just buy the rights already instead of feeding us all that (un)original crap.

- A Korean Science-Fiction drama. Ambitious. Pre-produced. Neatly shot. Ass-kicking. With spaceships and aliens. OCN, I’m looking at you. But don’t ask me for the budget guys: I’m broke. If you have doubts, ask Anthony.

- The new Kim Eun-sook drama. For those who are interested, she’s working on her next project right now and she tweets in Hangul from time to time: 김은숙 ‏ @dramaonlyI’m sure she completely depends on me for inspiration so I will generously give her free ideas:

→ A drama about a “NICE” cheating husband. Maybe a married man who would have an unrequited love for a cyber nun? OK, I go take my pills… Cause we had plenty of dirty bastards in Ohlala Couple, Rascal Sons, Can We Get Married?… I know, I know, we had AGD: Jung-rok was presented like a cheater, but hey! Did anyone see him kissing another woman than his wife? I still believe he boasted a lot and never acted on his impulses: “Porn in HD” addiction was his bigger problem if you ask me.

→ An honest noona-dongsaeng rom-com drama. Also known as older woman / younger man love story. I really love that trope if it’s done right and if the chemistry is there. I want something really funny and swoon worthy. With a happy ending. And without using the military service time jump plot device (good writer = sent to the black slope). Sometime I read comments from people who think it’s disgusting or not realistic. I imagine them asking the ID of all their potential love interests, just to be sure… And I’m sad for them.

→ The reverse: An ahjussi falling for a younger woman. You could say AGAIN than she did it in A Gentleman’s Dignity but I’m sure everyone noticed she had to tone down the skinship. Censorship? Married actor? Rookie actress? Whatever the reason, I now want a version of this which would be straightforward, satisfying, logical emotionally, and without the mandatory prerequisite binge drinking. Please note than this wish is not for me but for those who were frustrated by the shy kiss-less wedding scene of A Gentleman’s Dignity (they were the couple I liked the less so it didn’t bother me). See? I’m a nice girl.

→  A spin-off for Secret Garden, with a Hyun Bin cameo. All those juicy secondary characters, surely there is a lot of things to do with them! My vote goes to Lee Phillip aka the Action School ex-director, who has to be paired with Joo-won’s sister. The man needs some loving after the Faith massacre, from both his fans and a leading lady. http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/10/philip-lee-injured-drops-out-of-faith/

- Good Taiwanese dramas: Seriously guys, wake up from your slumber! I know you can give us something good to chomp on. Not that “Miss Rose” awfulness. (Roy Qiu, I still lub you but please, choose a better project next time.)


-  Superhero movies. Furthermore sequels with actors who do not age gracefully: I’m sorry, I don’t do old men… For the record, I absolutely don’t buy the new guy hired to play in Man Of Steel: Brandon Routh was excellent in the previous installment.

- No more Transformers either. And certainly not a mix of the 2! I’m looking at you Pacific Rim. Also, who let the cage of Godzilla opened again!?! I know zombies are trendy but my brain is still alive and can’t handle all that bling bling shitty recycled stuff without decent scripts. At least we won’t have anymore Twilight movies in 2013. On the other hand, we will have a remake of Robocop *BLASPHEMY!* When I think about it, that movie was really prophetic:

Back to the Future 2: The days when sequels mocking sequels were GOOD movies.

- No more time-travelling dramas. Verboten! Unless the Production team sends me a prototype of time machine so I could return back to the 80′s. I mean, even people who eat crayfish everyday get tired of it and end up asking for chicken. Wait jusssttt a little bit before using that premise again. PS: I already know this wish won’t be granted but I had to say it for damage control. http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/12/queen-inhyuns-man-team-preps-new-drama-for-tvn/

Finally, I wish for all my wishes to be granted. What… You think I’m delusional?

Now, sorry people. I have to leave you: Someone knocked at my door…

My time machine has arrived! Squeeee!

Disclaimer: I don’t guarantee the results but feel free to type your list in the comments. I should be able to bribe (or blackmail) Santa in order to help with your case…