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Maybe we should make an appointment to talk about it, face to face.

I could just write down what I’m watching in a list and tell you “I like”, “I dislike” or “I dropped” but that would be boring for everyone involved. Instead, since I’m a bookworm, let me explain things by analogies: What if those K dramas I recently started were books? What kind of creature they would be and what would be their place in the house?

- All about my romance:

Ratings for the 1st episode were average/low but maybe this drama will have the same fate as The Greatest Love: Slow start and good progression. Funny fact: Some scenes  of the said 1st episode come directly from The Greatest Love.

“Intimidation scene”

“hospital fake patient scene”.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery as they say. I will let the lawyers deal with that case. :) Granted, I only saw 1 episode but it hits all the right buttons for me. I don’t mind the copy and paste when it’s well done and honestly, everyone copies everyone in Dramaland anyway. It’s one of those good old rom-coms (how I missed you!) that I could ingest like ice-cream for my 3 meals of the day. Ingredients? A jaded woman who’s not impressed by men, who sees them as alien creatures and who will fall in love with one fine specimen eventually. A sexy manipulative man-child behaving like an ass and who knows all the tricks. I know, there is a pleonasm in that sentence: I’m taking my lessons of political wooden language seriously and you’re my guinea pigs, dear readers. Finally, the ♬chemistry♬ is here and that’s the most important. For the tone, we have some slapstick comedy with a good dose of parody and a pinch of absurd. Drama uses one of the most denigrated professions as a background (politicians) but digs under the surface to keep us interested: All is not right or left, the ennemies are not who you think, pragmatism and idealism can cohabitate bla, bla, bla. Of course, everyone has a ego the size of a Death Star and as we know, everything which goes up must come down (puts some pop corn in the microwave). I’m pretty sure I know how the story will end (if dear writer-nim is not a sadist troll) and that we can guess 95% of what will happen in that show. But you know what? It’s precisely that formulaic side that I appreciate and I will prepare myself for the unexpected 5%.

→ Bedside book. Please don’t catch fire.

- You are the best, Lee Soon Shin. 

I kept the original poster cause it’s MEANINGFUL. Netizens can go to hell for what I care.

If MBC likes its crazy makjang plots in its family dramas, KBS seems to prefer a more moderate and approachable concept: After 8 episodes, I can almost hear the writer: “Sad part? ✔”. Now the fun is about to start: Trainee and coach/manager at work and more if affinities (anyone has doubts?). A few side stories are leaving me cold and I just toss them to the side (you’re antipathic? Good! Stay in the corner until you’ve become a plushie). It’s the perfect drama to spazz, rant and rave with your friends, may they be real or not.

→ Fairytale book, always on the coffee table.

- The virus.

Could have been but is not (good). I must say I especially like the fact that they hired some of the most handsome Korean actors out there for this show: A specially vicious form of trolling (or more probably a very stupid decision from the producers).






Pretentious and simplistic at the same the time is maybe the worst combo ever for something supposedly watchable on a screen. I watched 5 episodes of this and the only excuse I can give is: I’m a bit of a nerd and I am suffering of the “it will get better” syndrome. Good news: I healed gave up eventually. Way to waste an awesome cast! Uhm Ki Joon spends his time running and driving. He also gives orders to the flower boy pot maknae with a commanding voice because you know, situation is critical and we have no time to lose and he is the team leader. People do stuff in labs, watch CCTV footage and answer phone calls like if it was CSI Miami (also aired on OCN, by the way) but without the sun and the palm trees. Fancy DNA sequencers and viewers victims crying tears of blood are not enough to make a thrilling show of anticipation. Plot is predictable and the medical aspect will only satisfy someone who knows nothing about germs. Another pet peeve: This drama almost looks like filmed in black and white. We have a lot of night scenes and that gives us a very monotonous product (+ Vampire Prosecutor and TEN 1st seasons were much better at this game). I’m going to rewatch a few episodes of ReGenesis to rinse my eyes and put my brain in order.

→ High tech copy and paste? You’re doing it wrong.

- The end of the world.

The healthy brother of the sick puppy just above, so to speak. Don’t expect MTV editing, slow-mo or groomed lab scientists. It’s raw, factual and scientifically well documented. The hero in the story is the disease itself and I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone was effectively dead at the end. Could watch only 2 episodes by now since the subs are arriving drop by drop in my IV but I’m sold. Not everything is explained to you immediately and it’s a drama which takes time to establish an (uncomfortable) atmosphere. No lie, it’s disturbing. But it’s also more interesting than fast food dramas.

→ We are never prepared enough. Survivalism 101.

- I summon you, Gold!

Repeat after me: “It’s a WE family drama from MBC. It’s not made to be realistic.” Basically it’s A Hundred Year’s Inheritance all over again but instead of noodles we will drown in jewels. I know it will go wacko and I don’t care. I’m here for this client:

Vampy puppy oppa.

Watched only the pilot for now but I find Han Ji He much more convincing here than in the forgetable May Queen. Since she’s going to play a nice character + her twin sister from hell, it’s reassuring. Let’s hope that 1 or 2 side characters will be entertaining enough: Even the best actor can’t sell a crappy show.

→ Probably a horror book that you will want to hide and that makes sense: You don’t cast Vampy Oppa to make him drink green smoothies.

- When a man falls in love. (… with books, you have to fall in love with his abs).

Nothing says “I love you” like doing the work of your new employee.

So original and thrilling and potentially uplifting. We are all watching this show for the plot right? Yeah… Who am I kidding? I’m here for my weekly dose of testosterone (thanks Mr Handtowel!) and for my secondary male leads who will supply the good acting. The first 2 episodes were kind of uneven but better than what I expected (I know!). The gangsta storyline was silly and grotesque to the max but since it’s just here to give a background to the characters, I will let it slide. For a melodrama, I find that we had a high percentage of cute (and abs) in the first 2 episodes and this is extremely appealing. 

→ A book covered with the blood of your beloved. No one can understand your pain.

- The Queen of Office.


Must be the face I was showing when I watched those first 2 episodes…

This drama uses the same ingredients as All about my romance but ends up with a totally different result. Workplace love story, cat and dog bickering, over the top humour, attempt at being trendy. It’s winded, disjointed, often of very bad taste (random bloody corrida scene is funny?) and it has better ratings than AAMR! *brain explodes*. Cheap explosion scene and cheesy sound effects + cheesy background music = Let me get out of here! Another problem: The actors are all uglyfied without exception and I don’t get WHY they had to go through this. If someone has a theory, I’m interested.

Seriously, excuse me for being shallow but a minimum of pretty is required and I don’t have the patience for an eventual makeover at ep 8. 2 episodes in and I’m dropping this like a hot potato. It’s a shame cause the premise of the story IS interesting. I guess I will have to check the original material: Pride of the temp. Definitely, J doramas are the Kings of the Office…

→ Please wash your hands before and after.